After working so hard on completing your profile, applying for opportunities and preparing for interviews, we know you want to watch how your hiring processes are moving forward. That’s why we are happy to introduce to you our new My Jobs option on our platform. Right there on the main menu, the new feature provides you with everything you want to know about your applications and the services we offer to help you succeed. 

To monitor your status or check for new opportunities, all you have to do is select My Jobs on the platform’s home page. You will find a comprehensive view of your “pipeline” as a candidate, with detailed information about each job opening, the status of opportunities you applied for, quick access to mock interviews, among other options. 

Monitor how your applications are moving along

Tiago Máximo, VanHack’s chief technology officer, explains some of the new feature’s advantages. “Candidates can see interview invitations and practice interviews within the job details. In addition, it shows every candidate’s progress at each job opportunity and statistics for that specific job, such as the number of candidates also applying and where you are in the process”.

After clicking on My Jobs, you will see a list of (many!) job openings. When you select one, you’ll find the following:

About the process:

  • How many candidates have applied for that opportunity
  • How many candidates have been screened, reviewed or interviewed by the recruiter
  • How many candidates are in the final round

About the company

  • The company’s profile

About the job 

  • Location
  • Salary
  • Other details such as if the position is for remote work or relocation  

About the hiring process

  • A timeline of all the steps and where you are in the process

VanHack services

  • Quick link to book mock interviews
  • Direct contact with VanHack’s team
  • Notification for interview invitation from the recruiters.

Let’s make this journey together

We want to help you achieve your dreams of an international career. The new My Jobs menu is yet another service we provide to make the journey to a job abroad a bit easier. So be sure to check out the new features on our platform and make the best use of all it offers you. A great opportunity might be waiting for you just around the corner. Or two clicks away.

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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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