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Meet, Interview and Hire Top Senior Developers from around the Globe at “VanHack Leap” – May 24 & 25, 2018, Toronto

A two-day event in collaboration with MaRS, VanHack Leap will introduce international tech talent―who want to relocate―to Canadian companies

Toronto, CA; Mar 26, 2018 – On May 24 and 25, 2018, international tech recruiters VanHack will host the “VanHack Leap” event in collaboration with MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. The first event of its kind in Canada, VanHack is removing the remote part of hiring from abroad.

As part of the two-day event, VanHack will bring in 20 Senior Developers from around the world who are ready and willing to move to Canada, for Toronto companies to meet, interview and hire. To register your company for face to face meetings with a selection of global candidates, visit:

VanHack Leap will host Senior, Front/Back end and Full-Stack Developers from countries such as Brazil, USA, Germany, Belgium, Venezuela, Colombia, and Nigeria, who have experience working at multinational enterprises such as IBM, Amazon and Microsoft. Candidate specialties range from Java, Javascript, Node, Ruby, Python, .Net, Angular and Spring, to Git, C#, Machine Learning and AI.

VanHack, the four-year-old Canadian startup currently boasts a robust online community of over 150,000, pre-vetted international developers and designers who are actively pursuing a career in Canada. Offering fast and frictionless, full-cycle hiring services, VanHack helps Canadian companies meet their growing tech needs by facilitating a seamless process to hire top tech talent from around the globe.

As Canada’s growing tech economy continues to expand, the ability for companies to hire and retain quality tech talent locally is becoming increasingly difficult. VanHack Founder and CEO, Ilya Brotzky says that his company’s scalable pipeline of pre-vetted international candidates will be the preferred global recruitment channel for all Canadian companies in 2018, from early stage startups to large, established technology companies in Canada.

“There is a misconception in Canada that hiring International talent is a slow and grueling process. The thought of having to deal with work permits and obtaining Visas seems daunting to a lot of HR teams. But this is not the case anymore.”

“With VanHack Leap, you no longer have to wonder what it’s like meeting and spending time with a candidate that you’re hiring from abroad. For the first time ever, companies don’t have to deal with the remote aspect of hiring globally.”

“VanHack conducts a rigorous screening process for all new applicants and can therefore save you time and money by providing clients with an instant supply of experienced, quality and pre-tested candidates who are committed to coming to Canada. We even facilitate the completion of all immigration paperwork and Visa applications through our partnership with Ernst & Young,” says Brotzky.

Brotzky immigrated to Canada from Russia at 5 years old and has a mission to help highly skilled people make a new life in this country. “With labour shortages affecting many local industries, Canada does not have the personnel to meet the growing demands of our expanding tech economy. Sourcing candidates from the global community helps organizations find senior candidates with diverse and rare skill sets, while also serving to future-proof the Canadian economy.”

With the introduction of Canada’s Global Talent Stream program in July 2017, the process has become exponentially more streamlined. Where it could easily have taken up to three months to process a Visa in the past, the Canadian government is now committed to turning around all applications in 20 working days or less.

VanHack has successfully placed more than 150 international tech employees since its inception and is looking to quadruple that by the end of 2018.




About VanHack Technologies

VanHack was created to help recruiters find specialized skill sets from an international pool of talent, while preparing job seekers for work they seek abroad. Their proprietary online school and recruitment platform connects a diverse community of technology professionals with top companies around the world. Companies that have hired through VanHack include: Accenture,, Thinkific, ThalmicLabs, Zenefits and plum to name just a few. To learn more, visit: or follow us on Twitter at, on LinkedIn at  or on Facebook at


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