Technology has allowed skilled professionals to build a career and a life anywhere around the globe. This seems more accurate than ever for tech workers now that the markets are in high demand for digital solutions. If you have 4+ years of experience and thrive in diverse and culturally rich environments, an international career is definitely for you. Maybe living abroad is already on your bucket list, but something keeps you from acting on it. We want to talk to you about strategy. Are you an international tech job hunter? We can help you make it happen.

Our mission is to assist talented tech professionals in finding work and relocating abroad. We want to help you build your international career. Our consultants are the best coaches you will find to walk you through this journey. Think of them as your personal guide. Together with our team, you can think of the best strategy and figure out: where is the best market for your skill sets? How can you showcase your talent in a job interview? What projects have you been involved with that will impress recruiters the most? What do you need to improve to increase your chances of getting hired?

We help you maximize your chances

If you are an international job hunter, we think it’s safe to say you are talented, skilled, and hard-working. You know what to do, you can solve problems, and you have the right attitude. But can you showcase that very best during the hiring process? Do you know how to direct your strengths to maximize your chances? That’s what we are here for.

Our Premium Academy offers the tools you need, with live classes to improve performance in technical and behavioral interviews, combined with personalized guidance. Many skilled tech workers struggle to explain their abilities to potential employers. Premium Academy experts know what recruiters and hiring partners need to know for a candidate to be successful.

So they can help you learn what strategies work better for you.

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A senior developer who got hired in Canada explains why he recommends VanHack’s Premium Academy

“I’ve attended every class I could while a Premium member, and I have no regrets!” Fabrício Brito says. He is a senior software developer from Brazil who got hired and relocated to Toronto, Canada, with VanHack’s help. 

He shared valuable tips that other international tech job hunters may use during their hiring process. Fabrício also explained why he thinks Premium Academy helped him get his international job.

“I could have prepared all by myself for the interviews, with some research and lessons learned after the first failures. It would take much more time and effort than it took me to join Premium Services. I felt compelled to share my story because I truly believe that their services’ bang for the buck is worthwhile”.

Take a look at Fabrício’s tips and how they help international tech job hunters:

How to get hired in Canada by Fabricio, a Senior Developer who got a job in Toronto

The kind of preparation international tech job hunters won’t find anywhere else

Murilo Marques, a software engineer and VanHack’s Premium Academy instructor, explains why the preparation we offer to international tech job hunters is unique. “Premium Academy offers several benefits. Although we have excellent technical preparation, which helps a lot, I think our biggest benefit is improving communication with people of other nationalities, the networking you do with instructors and future co-workers, and the improvement in the resourcefulness in international interviews. Not to the immense “boost” that the profile reviews, resume tips, and portfolio students get during the courses.”

He believes most candidates have what it takes to get hired abroad. The only thing standing in their way to an international job is communicating their skills properly. “Many students have vast technical knowledge, but they don’t know how to stop, breathe, focus, and sell all their knowledge,” Murilo says. “During classes, we always encourage students to participate, express themselves, have technical discussions with each other and with the instructors, and that makes all the difference.”

Murilo speaks from knowledge, having been a Premium Academy once and now having an international developer position.

Premium Academy consultants bridge the gap between recruiters and international tech job hunters 

Murilo reminds candidates that the Premium Academy also helps job hunters understand what recruiters need from them. “Our instructors have been helping developers for years, and many of them are also developers or IT professionals themselves. I always try to bring the recruiter’s perspective to the students and make them ask themselves: “If you were the recruiter, what would you think about your resume, your portfolio, or your answer to this question X in the interview.” It is much easier to communicate when you know what the other person needs and wants to hear”.

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