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How VanHack is helping Indian Tech Talent relocate to Canada and Europe

On the rife, the technology boom is pervasive throughout Canada. With the increasing jobs in different technical domains, Canada is facing a shortage of good talent to fill these jobs. The major reasons for this demand-supply disparity are a low number of graduates in Science, Technology & Engineering in the recent years. Some surveys also pointed out the aging population as one of the contributing factors. The major technical startups and MNCs are facing a huge ordeal to fill these crucial positions.

But the smooth immigration policies of the Canadian Government for Foreign Workers have alleviated this problem. Now Foreign workers from different parts of the world can immigrate to Canada to fill the amazing jobs that Canadian companies are offering. The conditions to work and live in Canada are equally fruitful for International Workforce.

With a multicultural environment, great economic freedom and excellent compensation & benefits policies by the Canadian companies, the country is gradually reaching the top of the ladder as the most employee-friendly nation. The living standards of Canada go hands in gloves as the incredible working conditions. A comparatively peaceful country, great public facilities, amazing education system, comparatively low cost of living are some indispensable factors that help the Foreign workers to start a family in Canada as well.

Considering all these factors, we at VanHack are trying to lessen this demand-supply muddle. Well, VanHack is an innovative platform for technology professionals who want to work abroad, as well as the employers who are interested to hire the top international tech talents.

VanHack strongly believes that code has no accent or border, with this ideology we are one of the fastest growing platforms with talented Engineers and Developers. The primary mission of VanHack is to connect these technical talents to the Canadian companies who are looking forward to hiring an international workforce offering a Visa sponsorship. The VanHackers hired through VanHack have been given full Visa Sponsorship to work and settle in Canada.

India, a nation with one of the biggest populations of Technical talents has always amazed VanHack. The potential the Indian Tech Community holds in the international job market is something that VanHack is exploring lately. Of all the success stories of VanHackers, India has played a major role, and we have five amazing Developers from India who have grabbed some excellent opportunities in Canada. Kavi, a Senior Data Engineer from Chennai with 10 years of experience got a job with one of the prestigious Canadian organizations as a Data Architect.

Likewise, Monika from Hyderabad, a Ruby on Rails Developer having approximately 4 years of experience was on cloud 9 when she was hired as a Ruby on Rails Engineer from a fast-growing Canadian startup. Then, we have Bengaluru based Ravi, with 11 years of experience was hired by an established Tech House in Malta, Southern Europe (Yes, we have our clients based in different European Unions as well, who are equally looking for talented international Tech candidates).

Aashish’s story of getting hired in a Canadian company is equally exciting, hailing from New Delhi, Aashish has 7 years of solid Technical experience, and his determination and perseverance helped him to bag a mind-blowing opportunity in Canada through VanHack.

Last but not the least, Deepak, a Ruby on Rails Developer from Hyderabad who was working in Berlin, having 7 years of experience, of late, got accepted by another growing Canadian startup.

This is just the beginning for VanHack to introduce all these amazing candidates to the Canadian and European Tech organizations. As per our vision to create a borderless world for the tech talents, it gives VanHack an immense sense of satisfaction when we watch the dreams for these gifted people get fulfilled. We had, we are and we will be helping the Indian Technical Talent Pool to accomplish their dreams of settling abroad.  

This post was written by Bitan Banerjee, Recruitment Lead – India at VanHack


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