If you are serious about your job search, you are probably applying for jobs at VanHack, LinkedIn, other job boards, groups, and so on. But how do you keep track of how each application is going if they are not at the same place?  Perhaps you’re using a spreadsheet, or simply writing things down. And I ‘m sure you’ve had issues keeping up with the changes in each application process. 

What if I told you that there’s a MUCH easier way to do this? Interested? Read on!

We built the VanHack Job Pipeline to help candidates track the progress of their jobs inside our platform, but quickly realized that we can extend it to let you track ALL your job applications. So we built that. You can see the stages of the jobs you applied inside our platform, and you can also add jobs you’ve applied to at other places and track your progress.

Here’s how it works.

Your Job Pipeline

First you need to access your job pipeline. You can do it by using this link or on the top menu of our platform.


Access the Job Pipeline – platform menu


As soon as you open it, you’re going to see some columns. The first one will show you the jobs you favorited and also VanHack’s recommended jobs for your profile. If you haven’t applied for those, wouldn’t hurt to check, right? 


Job Pipeline overview


Jobs inside VanHack Platform

If you apply for a job inside our platform, the status will update automatically. It will be reflected in your job pipeline as soon as the recruiter or company moves your job application to another stage. 

For example, if your profile gets selected for an interview with a company, the job will show up on the column “Interview.” When you receive an offer, the job will show up on the column “offer”, and so on.

So if you applied for a job inside VanHack, and what to know the status, check your Job Pipeline.


Jobs outside VanHack Platform

Here’s how you can keep track of the jobs you apply to outside of the VanHack platform. The process is pretty simple and you can do it in two ways: by clicking on the “Add a Job” button on the top of your pipeline or by clicking the “+” side on the columns (top right corner).


How to add a Job – top button


It will open a window to fill out the information on the job you’re adding to make it easier for you to identify on your pipeline. You can also select the step of the selection process that you are currently in. 


Adding a Job – information required


When you get an update from these positions (got selected for an interview? Received an offer?), all you can need to do is drag the card and move it to the next step. 

Nice, right? This way, you can have your job applications in one place and have a better view of all the selection processes you are participating in. 

We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience for our candidates, and we hope that you find this feature useful. If you’re already a VanHack candidate, you can access your Job Pipeline now and start using it right away. 

If you haven’t signed up with VanHack, what are you waiting for? VanHack is the best way for developers to get a job abroad, and we are absolutely free! You can sign up today at https://vanhack.com/register. If you’d like to learn more about VanHack, go to https://vanhack.com.