It is no secret that networking is an important part of our professional lives. Having good network skills can help you increase your professional knowledge – by learning and sharing experience with others, and it can help you on your journey to find a job abroad.

But as much as we know that networking is important, sometimes we find ourselves asking how we can do it better or how can we improve our networking skills. That’s what we are talking about in this post. Keep reading, check our tips and join our slack group to start networking!

It’s not just about contacting somebody

One of the first things that we need to have in mind for networking is to work on our mindset. We need to understand that the real network (or the one that really works) is the one where you really try to build a genuine relationship with someone — and both parts will benefit from this relationship.

Think about that before approaching someone. What do you have in common? How can you help each other in your professional lives? Can you help with something this person is struggling (maybe some question he or she shared on social media)?

You need to have in mind that networking is a two-way street. When you understand this, your skills will become more fluid.

Start with your own contacts

We can be a little shy when we’re approaching someone we don’t know — and have never talked with. But what if you start to practice with your own contacts? You can start a conversation with someone you studied or worked with and haven’t talked for a while.

This will make you feel more confident to talk and will help you nurture the relationships you already have. Networking is not only about new contacts, right?

Pay attention to the small things

The details in a conversation can make a huge difference on your network. When someone tells you something about his or her life and seems really excited and interested in it, try to remember this. It can be a really good topic for a new conversation — or a way to get in touch again and it can also be really helpful in a second talk or meeting.

The more personal the connection you make, the better will be your network.

Make social media channels your best friend

Social Media is an amazing place to step up your networking game. Connecting with people you met on an event or in a business meeting is a great way to keep the conversation going. It is also an awesome place to find people with specific interests and to stay up to date with people from your industry and field.

LinkedIn is probably the best option for you to start using, but maybe you shouldn’t forget about the other ones. At the end of the day, it will depend on where the people you want to connect with are.

One important thing about networking is making it a habit. It doesn’t mean you have to take some action every single day, but it means you need to do it regularly. To build the habit — and to improve your game — you need to get some consistency on your network.

If you’re convinced that you need to begin networking, but are unsure of where to start, join our slack community where VanHackers from all over the world share their experiences and tips!