More and more companies are realizing the need to speed up hiring processes in order to attract and retain the best tech talent.  Statistics from PwC show that 49% of candidates turn down job offers due to a poor recruitment process. 

At VanHack, a leading tech recruitment platform that’s helped more than 600 employers hire 1,500+ tech candidates, we’ve seen first-hand the many different ways employers manage hiring processes.  From our experience, shorter hiring processes lead to better results.  More in-depth insights on why employers should cut down lengthy recruitment processes can be found in our previous blog, Why Speed of Hire is Crucial

With traditional recruitment processes that have been in place for years, where can hiring teams start?  What are some tactics your recruitment team can take to speed up the hiring process?


Tried-and-true tactics from employers to speed up hiring

  1. Be ready – Ensure your hiring team is ready to implement a shorter hiring process.  This means having an established process, and having the manpower to assist candidates in the pipeline.  For example, assigning tech leaders to review take home assessments.
  2. Understand the candidate profile – Having a clear understanding of the professional profile your organization needs is crucial to the rest of the process in qualifying and disqualifying candidates.  Provide a clear job description.  Be specific, but also open minded about required skill sets, because a lot of them are transferable. A good developer can pick up new programming languages quickly.  Additionally, be open minded about profiles and seeing the potential in people – when companies are stuck on a very specific profile, it often prolongs the process.
  3. Engage personally – Top talent want to know that the companies they’re applying to are actually interested in developing a relationship with them.  It’s best practice to ensure you are having personal contact with the candidate from the beginning of the process.  Most candidates want to know about the company and its people before they invest time on a code challenge. 
  4. Personalize the code challenge – If you are assigning a code challenge, ensure you are involved with the candidate throughout the process.  Sending a quick personal message before they take the quiz can get their attention and let them know you are interested in them, without them feeling like they are just one of many applicants.
  5. Be flexible – When it comes time to negotiate an offer, remaining flexible will help get the offers accepted by top tech talent.  Candidates look for benefits and working arrangements that suit their needs – such as the option of working from home, a choice in working locations, flexi-time, matching a bonus from their previous job, extra holidays, etc.
  6. Provide feedbackIndustry statistics show that 52% of candidates who were given feedback were more likely to continue their relationship with the company.  Apart from constructive post-interview feedback, candidates also appreciate when employers get in touch personally if they are rejected for the job – especially when they make it to the final round.  Instead of giving specific feedback, even just a personal thank you to the candidate for investing their time and getting involved with the company is a nice gesture.
  7. Don’ts – Don’t take too long in giving feedback to the candidate and the recruitment agency you are working with.  Candidates can lose interest quickly, and you can lose valuable time for the recruitment agency to source other more suitable candidates.

Also, don’t have too many steps in your recruitment process – unless it’s a very strategic and senior position where the candidate has to meet other leaders and the team.


How does VanHack help you hire quicker?

As a trusted leader in the tech recruiting industry, VanHack has helped companies hire over 1,500 remote and relocated software engineers.  Our experienced recruiters and talent managers have worked on hundreds of roles, and can advise on the best practices and recommended hiring processes to speed up hiring from a recruiting consultant’s perspective.

If your company is looking to recruit international tech talent but is unsure of how, our in-house global mobility experts can help you figure out whether you can, and how to relocate candidates.

After a hire is made through VanHack, we help with supporting the whole relocation process.  For remote hires, we also provide solutions for remote payroll and compliance matters.


Speeding up your hiring process with VanHack

If you already are or planning to work with VanHack to source international tech talent, you’re in good hands.  Here are a few ways on maximizing efficiency and speeding up your hiring process when working with the VanHack team.

  1. Be open and provide feedback to us – Being transparent with your hiring needs is crucial in ensuring a smooth and efficient process.  Employers may not necessarily have every detail figured out when they start working with VanHack, but we can certainly help them get there.  

Share where candidates are at in the process, especially if some companies prefer using their own ATS over VanHack’s platform.  Having visibility to the candidates’ progress enables our Talent Managers to react quickly and send more candidate profiles if they are being rejected in the process.  

If there are changes to the profile, communicating with us enables us to understand what the issues were with the previous profile, and to ensure we can send the right kinds of people into your pipeline.

  1. Utilize sync calls – Regular sync calls with the VanHack team speed up the hiring process.  They are important in fine tuning the process and profile that we’re looking for.  Often times when companies are hiring for a new role, it requires both parties to discover together what the best profile is.
  2. Involve the direct manager – It’s most effective when employers assign the tech lead or CTO who will be directly working with the candidate to be involved in the hiring process.  They not only understand the candidate profile better, but are the ultimate people to decide whether they can work with the individual or not.


Build Your Diverse Tech Team

VanHack helps connect companies to a diverse global talent pool of close to 400,000 software engineers.  Our team does the hard work of vetting and ensuring they have certified English skills, and shortlists candidates best suited to your open roles.

Whether you’re looking to relocate software engineers or adopt a remote-first working culture, VanHack can assist.  Having processed over 800 successful relocation applications, we take care of all the immigration and visa application paperwork.  We also offer partner solutions that cover foreign compliance and payroll services for remote employees, saving you valuable time and resources.

The average time to hire is 41 days for employers who partner with VanHack, with some even seeing their developers come on board in as soon as 2 weeks.  Discover how we can help you hire quality software developers, streamline your hiring process and diversify your team.

VanHack also hosts virtual hiring events where employers can meet and speed interview curated software developers in skill-focused sessions.  Popular speed interview sessions range from JavaScript, Mobile, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP, .NET and more.  See our next hiring event here – it’s free for employers to join.

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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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