How to pay remote workers – your questions answered

As companies start to look into Remote Hiring, there’s one question that frequently comes up – how do I pay a remote employee?

You may think it’s as easy as “Make an international bank transfer”.. but there’s a bit more to it than that. Let’s look at the various aspects you need to consider when you’re thinking about hiring remote workers.

This blog post is intended to be a general guide – please ensure you are in compliance with the various labor laws and codes in your jurisdiction and consult an employment lawyer to get answers to questions specific to your company and location.

Right to work

The remote worker needs to have the right to work in the country where they are currently residing. This isn’t an issue if you’re hiring someone who lives in their country of citizenship, but it can cause issues if they are studying/working/travelling in a different country where they may not have the right to work.

Remote workers do not need the right to work in your country, however. If you’re a Canadian or US company, you can hire a Nigerian citizen living in Nigeria without needing to worry about work permits while they live in Nigeria.

Employment Contract

Once you’ve established that your potential hire has the right to work in their country of residence, the next question to answer is the nature of the employment contract. Most remote hires are hired as independent contractors instead of employees.

This simplifies matters for the contractor as well as the company. The company doesn’t need to dig into international taxation as the contractor is responsible for their taxes based on their local laws. A temporary contract gives you the ability to test out the quality of the candidates work before you decide to hire them full time.

Once you’re satisfied, VanHack can help you hire them as full-time employees and with the entire relocation process.

Here’s a template that you can use as a starting point – Download Template 

Contracts and Payments

For payments, we recommend one of the following providers:

TransferwisePaypalPayoneerWorld Remit.

We’ve successfully used all of these services to pay people in multiple countries. They’re all easy and quick to use.


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