VanHack is one of the most respected recruitment companies for tech talents who want to get a software engineer job in Canada, the US, or Europe. We have helped over 1,600 tech professionals to get hired and relocated abroad. That’s why we want to share the steps you can make to be the next one to start an international career. 

Most of our candidates are from Latin America, Africa, and India. However, we have candidates from all over the globe.

VanHack is free for job seekers. Candidates don’t have to pay us anything to participate in the hiring process and have their profiles promoted among our hiring partners. Companies are the ones who pay us to find skilled professionals and handle interviews. 

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Six steps to get a software engineer job abroad with VanHack

Ok, we know that job hunting can be a daunting experience. And the task gets scarier when you are trying to get work abroad. However, our team of consultants can make that journey a lot easier for you. They are kind and experienced professionals who specialize in understanding what international companies need and how to help candidates meet these requirements. 

Here are six steps you can take right now to start applying for software engineer jobs in Canada, the US, or Europe with our help:

1 – Upload profile into

Make sure to fill out essential information. Here are some tips on how to make your profile look great.

2 – Fill the onboarding step with skills and years of experience.

Let us know what you do best! Tell us about your experience, and don’t forget to add primary and secondary skills. Please help us help you find the best fit for you.

3 – Upload photo

We want to see you! Choose a good picture of you looking friendly and approachable, but don’t forget to keep it professional.

4 – Do the English verification

The English Verification is a mandatory step you have to complete before you can start applying for jobs on our platform. It was designed to evaluate the candidate’s level of professional English and how well they can communicate. Click here to learn how to nail your English verification.

5 – Start applying for jobs

Now you are ready to go! We always keep our job board updated, so check again tomorrow if you don’t find the perfect opportunity today. 

6 – Try a few code challenges to boost your chances

Employers use a code challenge to work out the type of employee they’re hiring. A practical code challenge demonstrates your technical skills and approach to solving problems. We offer them for free on our platform, and results are added to your profile. You can start your code verification here today.

Bonus tip to get a software engineer job in Canada, the US, or Europe

Here is a golden tip for you: Be an active applicant.

We work hard to match our candidates with the best opportunities out there. But it can all go to waste if we can’t understand what you need. Complete your profile and complete your English verification to start applying. Then, go the extra mile.

Participating in hiring fairs and webinars is a great way to boost your chances. We constantly hold virtual and in-person events to help you get in contact with recruiters and hiring specialists. Not to mention, these social occasions also make the job hunting process a bit easier for you. They offer the opportunity to meet people, ask questions, and broaden perspectives.

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