How Nishutosh hired in Canada from India as a Ruby on Rails Developer.

Nishutosh: My name is Nishutosh, I’m from India. I’ve been working as a software engineer since 2012, that is almost eight years now. And I have been looking for change in Canada. I was looking to work for a company in Canada, VanHack is the one that got me placed there. So really thankful to you.

Nishutosh: Mainly because of the work culture, because I wasn’t really decided on moving to Canada, but I attended a VanHack leap in December 2019. VanHack was really great in introducing the work culture of Canadian software companies to me. And then I decided that this is the work culture, this the kind of culture I fit in, I want to work for, so that’s how I decided to be there.

Nishutosh: I was actually watching some vlogs on YouTube. I found there was an advertisement, Aliyah was telling about, it was introducing VanHack in that kind of an elevator pitch. I looked at some of the success cases, then I explored the website a bit and then I thought that, wow, really is there something? Is there some company that can relocate me and will charge me for it? And I tried it and then I luckily got a visa to, to attend the VanHack leap. Yeah.

Nishutosh: A lot of things about how VanHack helped me, before that it, I was trying to see if I can really get a job in any other country. I was mostly looking for a remote job. But luckily as I told you already that I’ve found that advertisement of VanHack and then I tried to search for it. VanHack really helped me to understand what are the requirements for a job in Canada? What are they looking for? They trained us, there was a group of the people who were attending Windows and the leap. So Anna helped us preparing for the interviews, prepare, help us understand the elevator pitch, the kind of requirements that Canadian companies have do’s and don’ts by appearing in the interviews. And Marina I remember was the one who helped me out in doing my mock interview as well. So everything like planned out really, really well, even today, I tell any of my friends that there is a company that exists on charge you and will help you in getting you placed. Some of them really don’t, believe me that this is true.

Nishutosh: The hiring process was like my resume was selected by the company that I’m working for currently. They got in touch with George. I remember who was a VanHack recruiter. He then got in touch with me talking about the requirements and making sure that I meet all the requirements that the company is looking for. And then he scheduled a mock interview and after the mock interview, I got to the interview that was one round. And then there was another round and the second one was kind of scheduled. Then there were vocations there and, Mr. Lewis didn’t block anything, even though there were vocations. And after everything got good, then the salary package was discussed. And after that I just got connected to the consultant Codon. He got the LMIA process, he got the work permit done and everything. And yeah, that was a very smooth process, I didn’t find any hiccups or any bumpy ride there to get anything done. It was a very professional way of getting everything done. So I’m really thankful to Annette for all that.

Nishutosh: To be honest, initially, I didn’t really believe it that everything got what worked out so well, and there was no real effort on mine. It was all the VanHack team, which did all the efforts. So it was really a feeling that, I really dreamt of being in a work culture there, which I just saw in the VanHack [leave?] Because there were some companies that we visited there and the work culture was totally different from what I have earlier. And it was, it was really focused on engineering more than the kind of work that we do in India. So yeah, it was like totally a different kind of experience of a very happy moment for me and yeah.

Nishutosh: Because of this pandemic thing, my relocation was delayed a bit, but that didn’t affect my job in any way. And I’m like happy I’m working from my home right now in India, but I’m relocating soon. I already got my travel approval and… Sorry, that was my machine in the background. So, I’m just going to fly in the next nine days from now. I already have my flight booked. Everything is done already. All the plans have been done and India instead of ANAC team is really helping me out and, finding out a place and deciding all the other plans that I need to be there for, the quarantine plan and everything. So it’s like a very different kind of feeling right now. It’s like a dream coming true for me.

Nishutosh: To be honest, the trainings that I got before attending the leap even were really great. They were like the way interviews happen in India is really different from the way it happens in Canada. In India, we are more focused on just the engineering and the coding part. Whereas in Canada, for the Canadian environment, it is more of a culture fit that they look for. And this thing that I just said was not easier for me to grasp, but the trainings made sure that I grasp the thing. I understand what to say and tell me something about ourselves kind of thing. It sounds really easy and simple. That’s what you need to tell what you do. That’s something that I got to understand in the trainings that you have to be pinpointed about your skills, matching their requirements, and that’s what you have to speak.

Nishutosh: So this, this is just one thing that I learned, and there were a lot of other things that I had to take care of that learned I have to take care of in the interviews that got me placed. And all the interviews there was 120 interaction as well. There was elevator pitch. And, and to be honest, there was also like, if there was something that I was missing Anna would tell me that how to improve it. And there were answers to my questions as well. So it was like, and it was all free. It wasn’t paid. So I was really happy to, to get all that training

Nishutosh: The first step is that, put all your trust in the VanHack team. And also, if you do not get hired for first or the second interview, don’t just think that you’re incapable. It’s more that the requirements didn’t match. So you should not stop there right away. You should keep on hunting for the jobs, because you can’t get in the wrong place because the Canadian work environment, like the people who are hiring, make sure that they do not get a wrong person hired. And because that would jeopardize their hiring process, their team, as well as your career. So just put your trust in VanHack and make sure that you keep on, pinpointing and sharpening your skills and you’ll get there one day if you don’t get it in first or second time. Yeah.

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