VanHack Leap events are where Canadian companies go to meet, interview and hire some of the top tech talent from all around the world. We’re proud to show off our latest Canadian tech recruiting success story: Larissa, the full stack developer from Brazil!

Today, Larissa is helping a company in Calgary to work on the leading edge of technology. We’re so proud of her for following her dreams to come to work in Canada!

Check out the full video to hear about Larissa’s experience in getting hired through VanHack Leap, in her own words. Here’s a quick excerpt from our chat with her about the benefits of Leap:

“My name is Larissa, a full stack developer from Brazil with five years of experience with Node.js, but I also have experience with .NET, both VB and C#, PHP and a little bit of Java… The preparation for Leap was amazing! I could really feel comfortable here, talking to the companies.”

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