Ievgeniia is a software developer from Ukraine who got a job in Saskatoon, Canada, through one of our hiring events. Getting interview practices with our specialists turned out to be crucial for her since the hiring process in her country was different from the one she encountered with VanHack. Ievgeniia has an important tip for VanHackers who are looking for international opportunities: your behavior matters just as much as your skills.

“I think every step of the interview process is important. The behavioral interview has the same importance as the coding interview”, she says. Ievgeniia first got in contact with VanHack some years ago. She completed her profile, including the English verification videos, but since she wasn’t actively looking for a job at that point, she didn’t go on with the process. That changed when she learned about one of our hiring events and got interested. 


Preparing for the behavioral interview

In preparation before meeting potential employers, Ievgeniia took full advantage of all we could offer and she advises you to do the same. “The lessons are a great chance to improve your skills. What sealed the deal for me was that VanHack provided us with free preparation courses, for instance, behavior interview preparation. The lessons were really interesting and I decided that even if I didn’t get the job I would at least learn something new”.

You can learn more about hiring interviews “do”s and “don’t”s here.


Why is the behavioral interview so important?

As it turned out, she ended up actually getting the job! But before that happened she noticed how different the hiring process was from the one she is used to in her native country and how important it was to be prepared.

She recalls having an hour-long behavioral interview which was unusual to her since in Ukraine hiring interviews are more focused on technical skills. “I think you should pay attention to algorithms and data structures and systems design, but behavioral interview preparation is also important. Sometimes questions are simple but tricky”, she points out.

The reason why the candidate’s attitude is also assessed during the hiring process is quite clear. While companies need competent people, they look for employees who can get along and make the work environment as pleasant as possible. “They want to understand how you work as a team member. They are looking for people, not robots”.

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