How does the selection process work at VanHack?

VanHack is an excellent platform for developers to land their international dream jobs from top tech companies. But with the stiff competition for opportunities from the best tech talent, some candidates find it hard to get invites for interviews, let alone get a job offer. 

Learning how the selection process works at VanHack and how they can help you stand out and get more interviews. Let’s discuss what you need to know about each step of the selection process.

1- Before applying for Jobs

There are three vital steps you need to follow before applying for jobs at VanHack – two are mandatory and one will give you an advantage over the competition and improves your chances of getting an interview. Here are the three steps to participate in a VanHack hiring process;


a. Candidate needs to create and fill out their profile at VanHack

You need to create a profile that works. A good profile must be complete and showcase your qualifications, strengths, skills, and working experience. This is a mandatory step; as such, candidates who do not complete their profile can’t apply for jobs. Some crucial fields to fill out on your profile include;


Companies want to know the person behind a profile. A good image will personalize your profile and increase your chances of securing an interview. Always select an image that strikes a balance between looking friendly and professional.

General Info

This is the section where you will inform us of your citizenship, current location, gender, and phone number. Knowing where our VanHackers are will help us determine the ideal time for events based on their timezone.

You should also verify your phone number. This is a way to send you updates in case you are selected for an interview.

Professional Overview and Skills

In this section, you can select what is your professional role and years of experience. Are you a fullstack developer? Backend developer? Select the one that best suits your profile and add how many years of work experience you have.

Highlight all your primary and secondary skills – with the years of work experience you have on each of them as well. This will help recruiters and companies understand your strengths and experience. Besides, we use your skills to match you with the right VanHack jobs.

Target Location

You need to state places you would like to go and work. When you add the places you aim to work, we can match your profile with the right opportunities.


This is another chance to help tech companies to know you better. Add your resume to your VanHack profile – and if you need help, you can use our resume template. You should also include your LinkedIn and social profiles such as website or GitHub, but make sure you have an attractive and professional profile.

b. English Verification is mandatory

Once you’ve completed your profile at VanHack, you’ll be required to do a mandatory English Verification. The verification process helps you unlock the job applications. As such, you won’t be considered for selection without it.

The English Verification process takes about 15 minutes to complete. It involves recording 3 short videos where you’ll answer common interview questions, which you may have already come across. About 82% of candidates who successfully submit their recordings get Advanced or Fluent.

The videos you record on your English Verification can also be a selling point for you to showcase your skills to companies and recruiters.

c. Code verification will give a plus and will make your profile stand out

The Code Verification process will help improve your chances of securing an interview. Besides allowing you to showcase your skills and expertise, the code verification challenge sets you apart from the other candidates.

2- After candidate apply for a job

For applicants to qualify for our VanHack selection process, they must first have a complete profile and do the English Verification. Only then can candidates apply for jobs.

When you apply for a job, your profile gets reviewed by our AI and by our team, and if you’re a great fit, a recruiter from VanHack will send you an invite to book an interview. So keep checking your emails not to miss out on upcoming opportunities.

3- Selected for an interview with a hiring partner

Essentially, we use the funnel method in picking ideal candidates. After a job has been published, we receive up to 150 applications. We usually take 48 hours to select the first batch of candidates that fits the job description. So always try to submit your application within that time frame.

Once you apply for a job, we pre-select 10 applicants who will be vetted by our team, after which we forward six profiles to the company. The company usually interviews 5 of the candidates, and two are selected for the final round, where one will get an offer. The whole interview process usually takes about 30-45 days.

The selection process at the final round may vary depending on the hiring company. However, if you’ve been selected for an interview with a hiring partner, expect to go through the following steps:

Once the selection process is complete and you receive an offer for a relocation job, the VanHack team helps with visa processing. We will help you and the company with the work visa process for you and your family. The whole process of applying for a visa and relocation usually takes around three months.

We always receive many applications for VanHack jobs; thus, we cannot give personal feedback to all candidates. Instead of waiting for feedback on every job you apply for, you can use our VanHack Job Pipeline to track your applications’ progress. 

The status of your application is updated automatically as it moves from one stage to another. Besides keeping tabs on jobs you’ve applied through VanHack, the job pipeline allows you to add and track jobs you’ve applied for elsewhere, and you get notified about recommended jobs that match your profile.

Why have I not been selected for an interview?

To be selected for the interview, you to have the mandatory steps completed and your profile needs to match the job requirements and what the company is looking for. So if you’ve not been selected for an interview, the following might be the possible reasons;

·  Incomplete profile; profile missing important information

·   English not Advanced or Fluent

·   Not matching job description/requirements

Want to successfully go through the selection process at VanHack and be hired? The secret lies in crafting a complete profile that stands out. Create a complete profile today and increase your chances of landing your international dream job.

Still feeling that you want even more help with the interview process? Check out VanHack Premium Academy which you to be more prepared for the interview process.

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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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