How Carlos got hired in Denmark as a Senior Mobile Developer

Carlos Torres: I’m an Android developer. I am from Columbia. I have almost six years of experience as a developer, well four years of experience as an Android developer. Yeah, that’s it.

Carlos Torres: I’ve always been searching for new opportunities. And I think my next step was relocating and going abroad and try to prove myself as a [inaudible 00:00:41] engineer. So I searched for good companies and that was the main reason of my relocation, these new opportunities and grow in terms of my career.

Carlos Torres: Yeah. As I told you, I was looking for this relocation and this new job. So I started looking in pages, with recruiters, and it was really hard. It was really hard because there’s no connection with anyone. The processes are way too difficult, no preparation. So that’s the difference with VanHack.

Carlos Torres: A recruiter. I don’t remember his name, but he contact me on LinkedIn and he told me, “Okay, let’s do the English test, the coding test.” Well, I did it. I did it well. And then all these jobs start to appear in my screen, in my profile. So that was how I started in VanHack.

Carlos Torres: Yeah. Well I started looking whatever my profile fits. Android developer was my main filter. Then I applied for those jobs and started doing these interviews. At the beginning, it wasn’t so good because I have no preparation, but as I started to blast the filters, VanHack helped me with preparation and interviews and links and information for doing better in these cases. So at the end, I end up with 20 or 25 interviews. Then this last interview or opportunity came, and I succeed.

Carlos Torres: I’ve never been in that type of event. So it was all new for me. VanHack contact me because there was some provise that fit with me. I did a pre-interview and I did well so I think I dream byte me or something like that. I don’t remember quite well, but it was cool. I traveled to [inaudible 00:03:49] because I was involved with them. And well, the event was really cool. You set everything up really cool with the meal and the interviews with the companies. So, yeah. It was really, really good, this experience, and I felt really good.

Carlos Torres: I don’t have words to describe it. It was an important moment in my life. And it was a little weird because I had two processes at the same time. So while I don’t know if you know, but I was with one enterprise in Canada and they offer me a job. And then the next day, this [inaudible 00:04:47] company in Copenhagen made me an offer also. So it was really thrilling days, really move days. And it was hard to decide because both countries has really good in every way. In the rankings, there are always those two countries on the top. So it was a really tough choice, but I think I did a good choice.

Carlos Torres: Yeah. The visa process was rather simple because the company helped me a lot. They practically do the request and do the papers. So, I just have to go to the embassy, [inaudible 00:05:36], and take those papers, have my fingerprints recorded and my picture, and that was it. It was really, really simple, at least for Denmark. I don’t know how is the process for other countries, but I know that Denmark is really easy. So that was also really for me because I didn’t know anything about it. And this company also pay almost for everything. So it was really good.

Carlos Torres: Right now we have to talk about the COVID. It’s really weird traveling with COVID because it’s danger everywhere. You feel the virus is everywhere, so you try to stay protected, and it’s difficult because there are many restrictions that sometimes they think you don’t have to, or you can’t travel because of that. But we have all the papers in rule. And at the end, it was okay. We had to stop several times because they request you to show why are you going? Where are you going? And you have to have the tests, the COVID tests, for 72 hours. So it was a difficult preparation, but at the end, it went well. And we are here. Yeah.

Carlos Torres: Yeah. The first one is keep going. If you fail or if you get rejected, it’s normal. It’s almost the normal of the interviews, because of 25, I got one. So you have to be tough. You have to prepare more for the next one. You have to learn from your mistakes and then go stronger to the next interview. So, yeah, that’s my advice to everyone, to be prepared.

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