In the spirit of “show, don’t tell”, here’s a video testimonial. And if you prefer to get your information via the written word, we have the transcript right below the video.


Hi, I’m Alex. I’m from Vietnam. I’m a front-end developer with four years of experience and I have been working with React/Redux and related libraries since 2016.

And currently, I’m working at one of the greatest tech companies in Vancouver. I want to relocate because I want to work with a people from different background to have an international’s experience and also provide a better life for myself and my family.

Before VanHack, it was really difficult for me to get in touch with Canadian companies because many companies require candidates to have a working visa to apply for their company. So it was a hard and frustrating process for me.

I knew VanHack through a member from a Facebook group called Women in Dev Web, and I joined the Leap but I was not selected. And then I continued to join in other Leap events from VanHack and then I was selected for the one in Vancouver.

VanHack helped me to organize a lot of mock interviews and it did help me to increase my confidence. I applied for four companies in the Leap, but right at the end of the trip, I finally got an offer from one of the companies. I was super happy and super excited.

Everything went super fast from the moment that I got the job offer to the moment where I stepped foot in Canada, in Vancouver. It happened in the course of three months.

It was under the Global Talent Stream so my employer needs to apply for the LMIA. After the LMIA got approved by the government, it only took me about two weeks to get the visa.

My tips for all VanHackers, is please remember that it’s a long journey to get hired abroad. It’s totally normal that you feel frustrated that you apply for many companies and get no responses.

But try to find a little time every day to practice your English skills and do some coding challenges to improve your coding skills. By that time, you are ready for any kind of interviews. Definitely, I have recommended VanHack to developers in Vietnam.

I think VanHack will pave the way for many developers to get hired in Canada.