Adevinta is a global online classifieds specialist, with digital marketplaces in 14 countries.  Their trusted portfolio of brands include Kijiji Canada,, leboncoin, DoneDeal, eBay Kleinanzeigen and more – covering products from cars, consumer goods to job offers.  Their business aims to create perfect matches that help everyone and everything find a new purpose, supporting sustainable consumption through technology and talent. 

With tech hubs based in Barcelona, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam, the company prides itself on focusing on diversity as one of its core values when building teams.  Ilya Brotzky, CEO of VanHack, had a chance to chat with Maca Martinez, Talent Attraction Specialist at Adevinta, on how their recruitment team was able to hire diverse developers from VanHack.


Watch highlights of the success story interview below.  For the full success story interview, view it here.


Creating An Accurate Talent Pool

Recruitment teams know how much time they’re spending regularly on searching different sources to find talent.  It adds another layer of complexity when recruiters have to factor in hiring requirements such as experience, language, technical requirements, and willingness to relocate.  

Before working with VanHack, Maca shares that in candidate outreaches, at least 20-30% of candidates that they contacted were not interested in relocating.  This is a significant amount of time wasted on sourcing candidates that didn’t fit an important criteria.  Through working with VanHack’s platform, Adevinta’s talent acquisition team was able to focus on candidates that were definitely open to relocating, and they’re able to see where candidates might be open to move to as well.

Being able to direct their outreach efforts solely on candidates who were open to relocating has saved their team valuable time, and gives the team a much more accurate talent pool as well.


Adding Value to Hiring Efforts

Adevinta’s hiring team has found a lot of added value from working with VanHack.  The VanHack platform in particular makes common tasks in the hiring process easy to manage. Maca finds the platform to be very intuitive, letting her team access and search candidates on their own.  Once they shortlist candidates, they can access interesting information such as skills, experience, preferences, and contact details.  The platform also has a host of other useful functions such as direct messaging candidates and the VanHack team through Chat, scheduling interviews, reviewing candidate notes from different members of your team, moving candidates through different stages of the hiring pipeline, just to name a few.

Adevinta also had a great experience working closely with the VanHack team.  Our experienced team helped them feel supported by being available to assist and answer any questions or concerns they had.  A key value-added service the VanHack team provided was putting forward suggested candidates that best match their job openings, saving them time in searching through the database.  Throughout the process, VanHack also followed up with Adevinta and the candidates constantly, resulting in increased engagement for both ends.


Hiring Diverse Developers

One of the key focuses for Adevinta as a company is their commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive environment – and it starts with the top of the hiring funnel.  Broadening a company’s hiring funnels directly leads to building more diverse teams, and Adevinta has been able to achieve this through partnering with VanHack.

Maca’s team has found that all of the candidates they sourced from VanHack are from different cultures, backgrounds, living in other places – and it makes sourcing a lot easier.  Instead of having to go to different talent sources to select from a broader pool of candidates, VanHack has everything they need centralized – including all the necessary information.  The ease of contacting VanHack candidates has also been helpful, with most of them really open to start conversations.  

Adevinta is pleased that working with VanHack has helped their talent acquisition team continue to achieve their DEI goals and hire diverse developers.


Realizing Candidates’ Potential

In today’s competitive job market, hiring has never been so hard.  Maca shares some top hiring advice with us.

Recruitment teams should keep on improving the way they attract diverse candidates, given how difficult it is to hire quality, diverse tech talent.  It’s also important to be empathetic with candidates, connect with them, and build meaningful professional relationships with them.  This is done through providing an excellent candidate experience. 

Another key insight is when hiring teams are selecting candidates, don’t just keep their qualifications in mind, but also think about the potential that a candidate might have.  This is crucial when it comes to identifying top talent that might someday grow into a key internal player.  

Ilya agrees and believes companies should give candidates a chance to gain experience and grow to the next level.  Instead of focusing on all the required qualifications like a list of checkboxes to tick off, employers can be open to candidates with potential – perhaps they will surprise and exceed your expectations.


Build Your Diverse Tech Team

If you’re looking for software developers to add to your tech team, consider exploring international tech talent (if you haven’t already).  VanHack helps expand a limited and competitive software developer pool in a local market to a growing, diverse global community of close to 400,000 software engineers.  Our team does the hard work of vetting and ensuring they have certified English skills, and shortlists candidates that closely match your job requirements.

Whether you’re looking to relocate software developers to one of your office locations or adopt a remote-first working culture, VanHack can assist.  Our experienced Global Mobility team takes care of all the immigration and visa application paperwork if you aim to relocate software engineer hires.  We also offer partner solutions that cover foreign compliance and payroll services for remote employees, saving you time and resources.

Take a look around our talent pool of close to 400,000 software developers to see the candidates you can hire from (sign up for free to access their full profiles).

The average time to hire is 41 days for employers who partner with VanHack, with some even seeing their developers come on board in as soon as 2 weeks.  Discover how we can help you hire quality software developers, streamline your hiring process and diversify your team.

VanHack also hosts virtual hiring events where you can meet and speed interview dozens of software developers in skill-focused sessions.  Our popular speed interview sessions range from JavaScript, Mobile, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, Quality Assurance, to PHP.  See our next hiring event here – it’s free for employers to join.


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