Our anniversary is coming up this July, and we could not be happier to celebrate another year with you and our fantastic community. We started in 2015 with a mission to help tech talents from all over the globe find their dream jobs in Canada & Europe and other regions. In July, we will blow out the candles and reminisce about how far we have come together. 

Our community is an ever-growing group of over 350,000 skilled tech talents. We have more than 600 job openings on our platform as we speak. And new ones are added every day. We have helped over 1,700 VanHackers find their dream job in Canada and Europe!

These numbers make us over the moon proud of what we have accomplished so far:

👩‍💻 350,000 tech talents currently signed up

🎉 600 job openings available right now

✈ 1,700 tech talents hired and relocated over the years

How it all started and what we accomplished so far

In 2015, we started as an online school to help international tech talents prepare for the hiring process in Canada. Very soon after, in 2016, we grew into a global recruiting platform. Today, VanHack has a modern platform that connects professionals from all over the world to companies in North America, Europe, and other regions.

Helping Tech Talents Find Their Dream Jobs in Canada & Europe

Some of our milestones are:

2015 – It all started

2016 – We became a global recruiting platform

2017 – We joined the prestigious Techstars Accelerator in Berlin

2018 – We hosted the world’s largest recruiting fair for tech talent with relocation 

2019 – Our community hit 150,000 members

2020 – More than 1,000 VanHackers hired

2021 – Our best year yet with 500 hires

2022 – Let’s hack together and make this one even better?

Our unique way of helping tech talents get jobs in Canada & Europe

Nowadays, our strength comes from the combination of these two services. We are a unique recruiting company because we offer both opportunities and preparation

Our platform is 100% free for job seekers, and we have a team of consultants ready to help candidates when they get shortlisted. VanHackers get access to free English classes, mock interviews, and more. 

We believe that bridging the gap between growing companies and skilled professionals infuses the tech industry with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Let’s hack together and make 2022 our best year yet? 


🌎 VANHACK, LinkedIn Talent Awards Winner 2021, is Canada’s most respected recruitment company. With more than 1,700 hires, VanHack is on a mission of increasing diversity and creating a borderless world. So if you are a software developer looking for a job abroad, in Canada, the US, or Europe, join VanHack today. 100% free for candidates, plus you will get all the preparation you need when your profile is shortlisted.

Visit our platform to become one of our many VanHackers hired abroad 😃

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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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