At VanHack, we’re constantly striving for a better experience for our users.

We recently launched a feature that lets companies schedule interviews with candidates right from our platform. We integrate with your calendar, send out auto meeting invites, the whole nine yards. You can read all about that here – Interview Scheduling on VanHack

This has been extremely popular (and that’s an understatement!), but some users reported issues with the Zoom integration.

Our tech team swung into action and we’re happy to announce that we are now using Skype as a meeting provider. Zoom isn’t going away (yet), but we’re confident that a lot of the issues we faced with Zoom should no longer happen.

Some advantages of Skype:

  • No need to have a Skype account.
  • You can join the meeting via your browser or by installing the app.
  • Meetings can last up to 24 hours (not that we expect you to interview a candidate for 24 hours!)
  • The link does not expire.
  • Improved chat feature.

Here’s more info about Skype’s new features: Skype Meetings

Joining a Skype call

The process of joining a meeting is the same as the one used by Zoom. The difference is that when you click on the link you will be prompted to either open the Skyp e app or join as a guest.

Joining as a candidate:

Joining from the email:

After clicking either the button or the email link you will see this:

If you have the Skype app installed then you can click on Open Skyp e. (You can also check the “Always allow to open links…” if you want to open Skype automatically in the future).

If you don’t have Skype installed, click on Cancel.

You will have two options:

  1. Join as Guest.
  2. Create a skype account or sign in.

If you opt to join as a guest, you just need to enter your name:

The next step is to allow the Skype app to use your camera and microphone:

After that just enable your camera and microphone and click on start meeting.

The process is exactly the same for both the company or the candidate.


If you were prompted to refresh your page after allowing Skype to use your camera and microphone just press F5 (or click the button) to refresh and continue.

We’re excited to launch this feature and are looking forward to your feedback.


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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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