Global Mobility | Getting a new job in a foriegn country is a fantastic feeling. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work and brings with it the promise of a new life. We’ve helped over 1000 VanHackers get jobs abroad, and we’re still thrilled everytime someone gets hired through us. 

However, we also know that moving to a new country can be very challenging. There are so many questions! Things like

  1. Where will I live? Is it very expensive to rent?
  2. How do I get my kids into school?
  3. What happens if I fall ill?
  4. Is it hard to make friends/find a community?
  5. Is grocery shopping very expensive?

If you don’t have answers to these questions, moving to a new country can become stressful very quickly! 

VanHack’s Global Mobility Team

We recognized this issue shortly after VanHack came into being, and resolved to do something about it by creating the Global Mobility team. This team swings into action the minute an offer is accepted by a candidate, and helps make the process of relocation much easier for you. 

We start by scheduling a call shortly after you accept an offer. On this call, our relocation experts will:

  1. Explain how VanHack and you will work together
  2. Explain the overall steps of the work visa application and relocation process to your new city:
    1. What are the LMIA and Work Permit applications
    2. Timelines and obligations by both sides (yourself and VanHack)
    3. Explain every single personal document 
    4. Explain every single professional document you have to put together (employment records of past the 10 years)
    5. Explain the process of getting translations(if needed).

We’ll also take note of any concerns you may have, and answer questions about the process and the city/country you’re moving to. After the call, you’ll be emailed a detailed city guide that contains links to things you should know. You can see what that looks like below

After this first call, we find that most people continue the conversation over email/slack, and we’re happy to answer questions that pop up. If you would like to book another call to talk about your  relocation, we can do that as well!

Once your LMIA is approved, we’ll book another call with you and our Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant. On this call, our RCIC will explain how to successfully apply for your work permit. (You will also get support for Europe, btw).

Finding a place to stay

VanHack has partnered with trusted real estate agents (realtors) in various cities/countries. We will introduce you, and then you work directly with them to find a place to live. We recommend these agencies because they have worked with many of our clients, and they understand how it is for someone new to the country.

Of course, you are under no obligation to work with them – if you would like to do it yourself, that’s absolutely OK as well!

Importantly, it does not cost you any money to work with these agencies. In most countries (including Canada and most of Europe), the landlord pays the realtor and Tenants do NOT have to pay a fee.

Schools? Healthcare? Shopping? I have SO MANY questions!

We understand! It’s an exciting time and we will make sure we answer as many questions as you ask us. Our city guides have a lot of this information, and we also have access to other resources that we can share if needed. Don’t hesitate to email us or hit us up on Slack. 

Post-relocation Follow Up

Our relocation coordinators will keep in touch with you even after you move. We have formal 30, 60, and 90-day checkpoints, but we also are available to chat throughout that period (and indeed, even after). It’s likely that your company will also have a relocation team, and we coordinate with them to make sure you’re well taken care of. 

We want you to succeed in your new job and new country, and will do everything we can to make that happen. We hope that this post helps you better understand the process., If you want to talk to us, sign up as a candidate today (always free!), and then ping us on Slack.

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