Getting invited to a job interview is one of the best news any candidate can get. That’s when the hiring process really kicks off. It brings some anxiety too. How can you showcase your skills and make a good impression? Over here at VanHack, we believe in preparation. We help tech talents get prepared for an international job interview with mock sessions, practice, and specialized guidance. ✨Check out how we can help you!✨

If you got shortlisted, that means you are a skilled tech professional who matches what the company is looking for in a candidate. The next step to getting the job is making sure you are the right fit for the opportunity and vice versa. Our team will assist you through this journey.

5 Steps to prepare for an international job interview

No, it is not simple. Presenting your best during a job interview can never be described as “easy .”It’s okay if you get a bit nervous. But it’s our experience that these five steps help conversations with a recruiter feel less intimidating:  

1 – Research about the company

The best way to make any conversation with a stranger a little less awkward is to know something about them to break the ice. Alla Pavlova is a tech recruiter with Riot Games, and she says they always notice when candidates have done their homework and can talk about the company. “Show evidence of your research. These things make you stand out, mentioning something relevant, something that shows some effort”. 

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2 – Research about country (if relocation is an option): 

The hiring process is just as much about you as it is about the company. So you have to be able to picture yourself being happy on the job. If relocation is an option, you have to research the country as well. How does moving to a different part of the globe help you develop personally and professionally? How does relocation play into your plans for growth? Knowing the answer to these questions gives you a sense of purpose. 

3 – Prepare your pitch

Some of the answers should roll off your tongue during a job interview. One of them is, “can you start by telling us more about yourself?”. Think about this one in advance and practice. Make sure you deliver a short but compelling story about who you are, what you do, what you are passionate about, and what kind of opportunity you seek. Use the STAR method to discuss your projects with the interviewer. The acronym stands for “Situation, Task, Action, and Result.” The technique improves how you showcase abilities and accomplishments.

4 – Pay attention to body language and eye contact

Body language and the way we dress can tell a lot about us. So remember to sit straight and keep eye contact with the interviewer. Smile, gesture moderately and be friendly. Show enthusiasm and let your talent shine through.

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5 – Practice

We believe being prepared is the best way to acquire the confidence you need to perform well. It comes down to practice, practice, practice. Panjak is a senior engineer from India who got hired and relocated to Canada through VanHack. His tip for those looking for a job is ‘be ready’.

“All the help and materials that I got from VanHack helped me be more confident because I knew the questions and could prepare myself accordingly. In my experience, you have to be confident about your skills and give it 100%. That will definitely help you to get a good offer”. 

We offer unique job interview preparation

Our team of consultants offers candidates prep sessions for both HR and technical interviews. It is a unique way of preparing because it allows you to simulate the most common interview questions and situations. But in a safe, friendly environment with assistance from specialists. 

During our signature mock interviews, you practice your answers and get real-time feedback. Our consultants will guide you to improve your speech, highlight your most impactful achievements, and increase your chances of meeting the company’s expectations.

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Candidates approve of our mock interview preparation

Javier Cabezas is a backend engineer from Chile. When he got a chance to interview with a Canadian company, he was nervous because English is not his first language. The opportunity to practice helped him get the job.

“I got pre-selected, and then there were interviews. I was quite scared, to be honest. But luckily, VanHack offered me help by doing some mock interviews. They were very useful. I got to talk in English, make mistakes, and get really useful feedback as a result. After the interviews I got the call with the good news that I got in”.

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