Jorge Lopez, Head of Recruitment at VanHack, and Carolina Brand Talent Manager at VanHack sat together to talk on VanHackCON. They brought exciting statistics from our platform to help you get hired abroad with VanHack and better understand the hiring pipeline and have some data for your decision-making process.

Timeline for the hiring process at VanHack

How to get hired abroad with VanHack? Carolina Brand presented an excellent summary of the hiring process at VanHack. Once a candidate is signed up to our platform, you can start looking for opportunities that match your skills and applying for jobs. After you’ve done that, our team will review your application and recommend you to the hiring partners. If your profile is shortlisted for a job by our specialists, the company will analyze your application. In the meantime, our preparation team will contact you and invite you to prep sessions where you will have feedback on your profile and participate in technical and behavioral interviews simulations. Jorge Lopez reminded candidates that keeping track of applications and the status of every hiring process is much easier now with the new features we implemented on our platform.

Get Hired Abroad With VanHack! Learn more about how to keep track of applications here!

What to consider when thinking about relocation

“Living expenses, the costs, considering one location over another. All of these things sometimes take second place compared to the actual selection process, but it is essential that you keep them in mind”, says Lopez. He adds that if you have signed up with VanHack, you are most likely moving to another country and should seriously consider this. Brand asks candidates to take some time to imagine what relocating means to them and the ones closest to them. “This is something that you need to talk to your family and do some research about where in Canada you want to live or what is your salary expectation in Canadian dollars, for example,” she explains.

Lopez and Brand showed some numbers that help candidates have a broader vision of the overall scenario:

89% of our jobs include relocation
87% of our jobs are in Canada, 5% are in the US, and 4% are in Germany

The most common cities and provinces are:
Vancouver – 26%
Toronto – 21%
Berlin – 7%
Montreal – 5%
Calgary – 3%

Work on your profile 

Looking forward to getting hired abroad with VanHack? Statistics from our platform show what hired candidates have in common: they have completed English Verification, they didn’t miss the mock interviews and more! Get Hired Abroad With VanHack, discover more about how to succeed within the hiring process at VanHack, below:

Complete your English verification:

97% of the candidates on our platform have their English verification complete and are advanced English speakers. 

hiring process at VanHack

Get prepared with mock interviews:

93% of the candidates hired in 2021 had at least one mock interview.
70% of the candidates hired in 2021 had between 1 and 5 interviews before getting hired
13% had between 6 and 10 interviews

Make sure your profile is complete: All your experiences and activities must be in your profile on the platform!

Tips to make your profile stand out

Jorge Lopez and Carolina Brand finished their talk by discussing some of the most common mistakes they have seen candidates make and how to avoid them. 

Let your personality show – “Pay a lot of attention to the way you sell yourself on your presentation videos. Most of our talent managers and hiring companies will be watching those videos, and they don’t want to see you just spouting out the things you did. Maybe your tech skills don’t match exactly what the company is looking for, but you can increase your chances if you work on your soft skills, so give some personality to your videos” Lopez advises.

Describe what you do – “Don’t just say ‘I am the head of development, really describe what it means. Describe your activities and what you have accomplished”, says Brand.

Add side projects – You don’t want to leave any exciting activities. Lopez reminds candidates that “if you are very active and have side projects, add them! They will help your profile stand out!”.

Get prepared for interviews – Not having the right environment for video interviews is one of the most common mistakes to avoid. Maybe you heard this one before but preparation really is key. Lopez says: “take some time to make sure you are in a quiet room, that you have an adequate background and that the camera is at the right angle. The way you are perceived makes a big impact on the people interviewing you”.

Ask questions – Your point of view matters. The hiring process at VanHack is also about finding a place to be happy and thrive, so don’t take the back seat. “It is not only about the company, but it is also about you, making sure that it is a company you want to work at”, Brand explains. “It is important to go prepared with questions and to connect your questions to the company so they know we have done your research”.

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