Lei Yamin is no stranger to relocating. Six years ago she left her home country Myanmar and moved to Japan. Now she is adding a happier chapter in her immigrant story. Lei is another hired VanHacker who has just arrived in Toronto, Canada.

Her dream was two years in the making and required a lot of hard work and perseverance. “I started my journey in June 2019 and I relocated in July 2021. I got 20 plus interviews. At that time, I was working for my full-time job in Japan. I had [to work] overtime every day. And also because of the time difference, I had to attend interviews, webinars and hiring events with VanHack at 2, 3, or 5 in the morning”. 

Facing such long work hours was not easy and Lei says that she even thought about giving up. We are so glad she didn’t! Now that all this dedication finally paid off she has an important message for other VanHackers: “You may get rejected and feel hurt but please DO NOT GIVE UP! I just focused on learning new things. This way I could get through it. Eventually, I got a very nice job and I am here. You can learn a lot from VanHack classes, hiring events, and interviews. You can do it. Believe me. Take one step at a time towards your dream job!”


Taking the first step 

The idea of relocating came up in 2019 and Lei started thinking about moving to an English-speaking country. When she stumbled upon one of VanHack’s videos on YouTube, Canada became the chosen destination. “I was curious about VanHack’s success stories of people who got a job abroad. So I watched the video and got really inspired. And that night, I decided to sign up”. Lei wasted no time and was very quick to complete her profile on our platform, English verification and code challenges included.

Having a great VanHack profile changed everything for Lei. She says it was a lot easier to get in touch with Canadian companies through our platform and to find potential employers who would be willing to get her a work permit and also be a good fit for her interests, requirements, and skills.


By the way, is your VanHack profile up to date? 

Some of our candidates postpone completing their profiles on the platform because it requires English and coding verification tests. And yes, these assessments do take some time. But according to Lei, they are not as difficult as some think they are. 

 “I was afraid of the English verification I admit, but I believe it really helped me a lot in the long run. I had to talk about myself, read [sentences] out loud, and things like that. So I think it was easier than I really thought before”.

Lei also gave her best to showcase her coding skills on her profile. “I work mainly with Ruby on Rails, so I took the Ruby challenges. I have also been working with Java for some years, so I also took Java too. I think I took four [code] challenges but I had some time limitations because I was still working on my full-time job. Sometimes I would take a test and not have time to finish the test, so I got some not very good scores. It’s ok”.

It all worked out in the end.


What else helped her?

In addition to the verification tests, Lei took full advantage of all of our premium academy resources and diligently used the classes and guidance to push her career dreams forward. 

“I learned a lot. I had classes and mock interviews. I learned tips on how to write a CV. It really helped me a lot”. 

And that’s not all. Lei also participated in a hackathon, and attended webinars and a virtual hiring fair! That’s what dedication looks like!


Up to the challenge!

We believe in helping as many people as possible getting their dream job abroad. If something is keeping you from trying your best, Lei has some words to inspire you:

“I really wanted to get a job. I think you should practice and practice and practice. VanHack has a lot of resources online, like the coding challenges and classes. So my advice is to try and not give up”.

Listen to Lei’s full story here