What is the Global Talent Stream visa?

It’s a fast-tracked visa stream used to hire skilled professionals. Traditionally, a company would need around six months to complete the process, but with the global talent stream, it is possible to do it in less than a month. On average, it takes 10 days for the LMIA and another 10 days for the work permit. Take a look a this blog post for details.

Are there other types of Visa’s we should be aware of?

There is the traditional work permit. With this path, you would need to prove that no Canadian worker is available to fill the position.

What’s the best visa for us?

The global talent stream visa is the best option for both the company and the developer. Sometimes, this option is unavailable because of where the developer is from, his experience, or other factors. Our team is available to analyze your specific case and help you decide about the best option.

I have never gone through the visa process, can VanHack help me with it?

Vanhack has a team of visa consultants ready to help your company with anything you may need during the process.

Is my hire going to be allowed to work for other companies once they come to Canada?

No, they will be granted a closed work permit and the visa will be linked to just your company. After at minimum of one year, they would be able to apply to become a permanent resident of Canada and then be free of restrictions where they could work.

Will the processing fee be returned if the visa gets denied?

No, this fee charged by immigration services and covers the cost to review your application.

Do we need to pay for the spouse’s visa as well?

No, the company will pay $1,000 for the candidate themselves, but the fee paid by the developer will be higher to cover the cost of a spouse and/or kids.

If I hire two developers, can I put them on one application?

No, you need separate applications for each one.


Could you advise if the Company would be required to pay for relocation?

This is not required, but it is not unusual to find companies that have this kind of package for their employees.

How long does it take to bring someone to Canada?

If you are using the Global Skills Visa (which is the most common option nowadays), it is possible to have the developer working in your company in less than two months after receiving their proposal. You also have the option of the candidate starting as a remote worker in the interim.


What is a Verified VanHacker?

This is a developer that not only is part of our platform, but also someone who had his key skills (English, coding, etc) verified by our team to make it easier and faster for the company to find the type of professional they are looking for.

Are you just offering a platform with a self-service process?

Not at all. Once your company starts working with us, you will have the entire team working hard to help you during the hiring process. If self-service is what you’re looking for, you can still do this using our platform.

For some jobs, I need candidates with strong English skills. Am I going to find them with VanHack?

Vanhack knows that communication is an essential part of any job, that’s why we have a large number of developers with a high (verified) level of English fluency.

Talent Pool

Do you have candidates in the country where my company is located or just abroad?

We have some developers who have already moved to the country where they want to live, but most of them are still living in their home country.

What are the kinds of profiles that VanHack has to offer?

With a community of more than 150,000 developers, we have a huge diversity of profiles. Java, C#, RoR, Angular, React and C/C++ are some of the skills that companies have been getting from Vanhack most frequently.

What about remote workers?

Most of our community members are looking for a permanent role by relocating abroad, but some are also interested in getting a remote job, as a stepping stone to a job abroad in the future.

My company believes in diversity, How can you help me?

That’s great! We do as well! With a huge community spread all over the world, diversity is a value that happens naturally for Vanhack. We have been making a special effort for female software developers and many companies were able to find them through us.


What if you offer me a developer that is already talking to me?

If that’s the case, you will be able to hire them directly without any problems.

What can I do if I do not like the developer that I already hired?

If this happens within the first three months, you will receive your money back or the option of hiring another developer.

What kind of obligation do I have after signing your agreement?

Your company would not have any kind of obligation. Our agreement is mostly meant to set a few rules about payment for our services (in the event that someone is actually hired) and an NDA, since you will have access to our developer database.

How does VanHack differ from traditional HR agencies?

The most obvious difference is that we hire from abroad while traditional agencies are going to look for developers in the same place that you and your competitors are also looking.

But, incredibly enough, we can also help you hire much faster than they can. Agencies tend to headhunt developers which can take a lot of time. We already have the developers in our community so we just need to find who has the best skill set for the needs of your company.


I used IRAP and SR&ED tax incentives with my local developers. Can I do the same when hiring abroad?

Fortunately, all tax incentives work the same way for Canadian developers as they do for someone recruited from abroad

When is payment due to VanHack?

All fees are payable within 30 days of the candidate’s acceptance of the employment offer.


Have some more questions you want to ask? Feel free to schedule a call with our team for a quick overview of how VanHack works.

Did you know that VanHack has over 100,000 developers from 100+ countries that are ready and willing to relocate to Canada? Click this link to hire some of the best talent in the world. VanHack facilitates the entire process of getting them to Canada within weeks of the offer!

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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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