Are you a tech professional who dreams of working for an international company but fears you don’t speak English well enough to make this happen? Then, we have what you need! Check out our new FREE English course focused on helping you improve your skills and speed up your international career. Sign up now HERE.

The classes are designed to boost the language knowledge you need to navigate the international job search and the tech work environment. We offer +24h worth of content, emphasizing practical learning that will help you level up your game when it comes to grammar, vocabulary, listening, and writing skills. 

Here’s what you get when you sign up for the FREE English Course

Our free English course for tech talents has 8 modules filled with real-world situations and communication challenges. Students will get around ten pieces of content for each module, between video lessons and written homework. In addition, participants will be part of an exclusive platform on Miro where they can take notes and follow every class content closely.

Conducted by our Premium Academy consultants, the video lessons take 10 to 20 minutes. The downloadable PDF files expand on the topics offering exercises such as reading interpretation, grammar points, vocabulary, and a glossary for the new words learned. 

Some of the topics discussed in the classes are job hunting, job interviews, business language, and much more. For example, in module 2 in the second lesson, teacher Evan Reinhold will be talking about the Star Method. This unique technique helps job candidates describe their accomplishments concisely and objectively. Other examples are jargon and technical abbreviations, which are the main topic of lesson one of the business language module. 

Learn more about our Free English Course for Tech Talent HERE.

English for Tech Talent

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Why should you join this English course for Tech Talent?

Our team is working hard to match companies that need skilled tech professionals with the fantastic VanHackers that use our platform to pursue their dream job abroad. The global market is in high demand for workers with knowledge and experience, and we get hundreds of new jobs openings every month. Improving your English will help you stand out for companies, recruiters, and above the competition.

If you are a thriving tech talent who wants to take that next step in your career, our free English course is WHAT YOU NEED. Don’t let English be between you and your international goals. If you want to start a borderless career, sign up NOW.

VanHack helps tech talents work abroad

Are you new to our page? Let us introduce ourselves then. We are simply the fastest way for companies to hire tech talent. Our mission is to create a world where talented tech professionals can move wherever needed to help companies innovate and grow. To accomplish that, our team of consultants works together with recruiters from 20+ countries to find them great talents. In addition, we provide thorough preparation for tech talents applying for these international job openings. As a result, we are proud of having helped more than a thousand skilled professionals find their dream job abroad.

Learn more about our Free English Course for Tech Talent HERE.


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