As the world emerges from isolation, social and work events are back! So we thought this was the perfect time to talk about elevator pitch for tech talents. 

Maybe we are all feeling a bit rusty when it comes to introducing ourselves, breaking the ice with someone you just met, or starting a conversation. Don’t worry. With a little bit of dedication and creativity, anyone can learn how to deliver a good elevator pitch.

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a short but efficient introduction. In 30 seconds to two minutes, you tell the other person who you are, what you do, why you are passionate about it, describe some results, and let them know what you are interested in. 

It gets its name from the idea of a conversation in an elevator. It sums up everything you would say if you had to explain your work to someone before they get to their floor.

The perfect elevator pitch for tech talents

Maria Alfaro, CEO and founder of English for Canada, has terrific tips to help you craft a great elevator pitch. She says the basic structure would look like this:

  • Introduce yourself: Hello, my name is…
  • Say what you do: I am a software engineer with ten years of experience programming with Java.
  • Talk about how your work helps others: I have worked on developing software that helps companies save money with better management tools for three years.
  • Use some numbers to drive the message home: The company I work for helped 100 clients in the past years.
  • Talk about why you love what you do: I like programming because it allows me to solve problems using my skills.

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Leave room for more

When you are done with your introduction, keep the conversation going. “Engage the listener with a question and allow them to respond. Avoid basic questions you could have googled in advance, such as “What does your company do?” says MIT’s Career Advice and Professional Department (CAPD).

How to deliver your elevator pitch

What we say is only half the message. Our posture, attitude, and tone of voice also convey essential information about us. So “be mindful of body language and use hand motions moderately. Maintaining enthusiasm and energy is significant. If you jitter in nervousness, consider grounding your feet to the floor and lean in when appropriate”, says the CAPD. “And most importantly, don’t underestimate the power of a smile.” 

Think of a virtual elevator pitch too

Consultant Brian Fowler reminds candidates that we also find many opportunities to introduce ourselves online. “LinkedIn is the largest, most crowded elevator, full of the very people who are key to your professional and business success,” he says. 

The same principles of a good pitch apply to virtual conversations. The main difference is that candidates need to focus on length limitations instead of thinking of a short introduction in terms of time. 

“Be efficient and make each character count. REALLY make the first 200 characters count”. The consultant explains that the rest will be initially hidden below ‘see more’.

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