VanHack is here to help companies connect with skilled, international tech talent. But early on, we realized that a large pool of tech talent wasn’t getting the attention it deserved: female tech professionals! We knew we had to move fast to make a change. So, we did, through VanHack Leap.

We first noticed this gender hiring gap back in May of 2015, at our very first Leap event. At Leap, we brought developers and engineers from around the world to Canada. They came to meet companies looking to hire. Fortunately, that’s just what happened!

It was a big success, except for one, very big problem: not a single female engineer attended! Well, we knew we had to do something.

Fixing the gender diversity gap, one tech hire at a time

Apparently, this has been a big problem for a long while. Only 25% of the tech workforce is female. It continues to become harder to address the longer we wait, says Alicia Close, Founder & CEO, Women in Tech World. Close’s organization is a national nonprofit. They’re dedicated to creating actionable steps to support and advance women in tech. “Leap – Women in Tech Edition events help address barriers to entry for women software developers.”

Leap – Women in Tech Edition are events give talented female software developers across the globe the opportunity to meet face-to-face with many of Canada and Europe’s top tech-based hiring companies.

“The uncertainties of global hiring often stop Canadian high-growth companies from even considering this valuable hiring resource,” says Daneal Charney, Director of Talent for MaRS-supported high-growth companies. “The Leap event takes the uncertainty out of hiring. They give the opportunity to meet directly with highly skilled technical talent.”

A growing opportunity for women in tech

More than 220,000 jobs in Canada’s IT sector are predicted to sit empty by 2020. That’s due to shortages in skilled Canadian workers. For Europe, the tech labor shortage for 2020 is approximately 800,000. A lot of women will need to fill those critical roles!

“We want to do what we can to provide the opportunity for women in tech, from around the world,” says VanHack Co-Founder & CEO Ilya Brotzky. “We want to help them secure their dream jobs in Canada and other countries. At the same time, we want to fix a counterproductive lack of cultural diversity within the tech industry. Leap events are great for the applicants. They’re great for participating companies. And finally, they’re terrific for economic growth.”

VanHack Technologies connects a diverse community of IT professionals with top tech-based companies in Canada and around the world. Are you a company looking to interview a candidate and hire? Check out our upcoming Leap events.

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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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