We’re excited to announce the soft launch of our Tech Salary Calculator! It is a platform designed to help employers and candidates stay on top of the latest salary trends for remote technical work and relocated staff.

We have helped employers hire over 1,500 developers, designers, and analysts over the past six years. As a result, we have accumulated proprietary data to create the Salary Calculator. It allows employers and candidates to compare historical salary trends for different job roles across other markets. 

The Tech Salary Calculator is currently free to use! But employers/candidates will be required to sign up to view matching candidates/jobs to their search query.

Tech talent scarcity and the new dynamic of remote work

The current ambiguity in tech salary standards is due to two main factors: a scarcity of experienced tech talent and the rise of global remote work. The great resignation of 2021 has put an even higher premium on available senior talent. It caused a sharp increase in salary demands and expectations.

Larger corporations have priced out startups and small-to-mid companies. As a result, they are looking outside their immediate geography and towards the global talent pool to hire remote employees. 

The unfamiliarity with this market presents another challenge for these companies. Some don’t know how to pay an employee living in another country fairly, for instance.

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Compare tech salaries across locations

The VanHack Tech Salary Calculator solves these problems. It contains five major search parameters: Contract type, Role, Location, Years of Experience, and Skills.

Contract type segments jobs into two categories: Fully remote employment and relocation. The first, Fully remote, refers to opportunities where the employee will remain in their current residence. The second, Relocation, covers jobs where the employer migrates the employee to their country of operations.

There are noticeable differences in salaries across different markets. VanHack Salary Tool takes that into consideration. That is why, users can search the platform for wages in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Roles and experience for salary comparison

Role, Years of Experience, and Skills allow users to fine-tune data to a granular level. A company in Canada  looking to hire a remote mid-level front-end developer skilled in React and Angular may check the exact market rate for such a developer. The Salary Tool shows the average salary for the role in that country, the ranges of salaries offered over the past year, and the average salary for different cities.

As a result, it allows employees to better prepare themselves. That way, candidates won’t feel shortchanged by knowing the market rates for their skill set.


The VanHack Tech Salary Calculator shows jobs and candidates that fit their search criteria. The platform selects candidates from VanHack’s tech talent base of 300,000+ developers.

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[Note: This post was updated on May 2022]


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