Studies show that there will be 85 million jobs in the next eight years that will go unfilled. Why? Because there won’t be enough skilled people to take them. There’s a global skills shortage happening in front of us right now, yet candidates simply aren’t applying for these roles despite the demand and high salaries being offered. It could be down to several reasons. Perhaps they’re comfortable where they are. The perks might not be attractive enough to move. They believe working internationally might be too complex a process they’d rather not get into. In some instances, it’s lack of ‘perfect’ English speaking skills that stops them from submitting their applications. The good news about this last reason? Well, code has no accent, so we want to discuss why your English is good enough to apply for international tech jobs.

If you’re a software developer candidate and believe you need to have perfect English speaking skills to apply for international technology jobs in countries such as Canada, that isn’t necessarily true.

When Applying For International Tech Jobs, Coding Skills > Perfect English

As a software developer, the most critical skill isn’t the ability to speak perfect English. In reality, the most vital skill and trait you need to possess is knowing how to code. As long as you can code and you know how to communicate and explain tasks and projects to others in English, you don’t need to talk like a native speaker.

Some non-English speaker software developers also believe not speaking the language as a native speaker puts them at a disadvantage compared to those who speaks as English as first language. That isn’t always true either. At VanHack for example, during the English Verification step we don’t look into the grammar part or vocabulary, as we always say, the most important thing is to know how to communicate your strengths and showcase your projects.

In fact, some of the coding languages you might use today were invented by non-English speakers. Python is Dutch and Ruby is Japanese, so never consider it a barrier and don’t let it ever put you off from applying for a dream tech role in your dream destination. Not having perfect English isn’t the end.


VanHack Helps you improve your English to apply for international jobs

Although not being able to speak perfect English shouldn’t stop you from ever applying for an international tech job, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you can improve your English. While your skills might be good enough now, enhancing your skills will only lead to more positives down the line.

That’s why we offer a free English course for tech talent at VanHack. We believe our course will help you speed up your international career in tech, and help you boost your confidence to speak English without being scared.

How does the English Verification work at VanHack?

What Does the Course Involve?

Our English course isn’t in-person or feels like classroom learning. Just like you’re in control of your career, you’re also in control of your learning. 

You won’t have a professor reading endless text at you, as our course is module based. That means all of the learning you do will be filled with real-life situations you could face in your career and communication challenges too. These modules will help you communicate in specific situations, so you know how to handle them in your tech career — wherever you are on the planet.

As mentioned, it’s all practical learning so you can communicate in English. You’ll naturally improve your grammar, vocabulary, listening and writing skills when completing this course. All of these will be essential in your international tech career.

When you combine all of these elements, you’ll finally have all of the tools and skills needed to refine your English skills so you can jumpstart your international job search and be one step ahead of the coding competition.

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Help With Interviews

Although code has no accent, we understand that the ability to speak English to communicate is important when you’re hunting for a job on a global scale. Remember, English is the business language of the world, making it the most dominant. By completing this course, you’ll also be one step ahead in another crucial area — your eventual interview.

If you’re a software developer that needs an extra boost, our free course can help. At VanHack, we make it a priority to match talented tech professionals with the best international businesses. To do that, we’ll first help you enhance your profile. This will involve coding skills and video introductions (it’s also where the English verification is useful).

The other central area the course will help in is your interview. The likelihood is your interview with an international business will be in English. Along the way, we help you prepare for your interview with example answers and mock interviews to calm your nerves. When your English skills are verified, you’ll feel more confident during the interview, helping you land your dream role.

The job market is on fire right now. There’s a global skills shortage which means employers are trying to one-up each other by offering enviable perks, fantastic benefits, high paying salaries, remote work and the ability to relocate. We have hundreds of new jobs each month at VanHack, so it’s worth your time joining our English course to benefit as it’ll help you stand out.

It’s also a great way to advance in your career. You always want to progress, become more senior and earn more. Improving your English will unlock all of these benefits and more. By completing this course that’s designed for tech professionals’ needs, you can finally break into the international job market and see the options you never thought were achievable.

How the interview practice can help you land a job abroad

How the Interview Practice can help you land a job abroad

Conclusion: your English is good enough

VanHack helped over 1,700 software developers to get their dream job in Canada, the US and Europe. A huge part of our candidates are not native speakers although they know how to communicate and explain their projects and accomplishments.

To stand out above other candidates and land one of the many fantastic jobs we have available every month on VanHack, sign up for the free English verification course today and see how it’ll transform your life.

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