VanHack CEO Ilya Brotzky was one of the speakers at 2021’s Sourcing Summit and he laid out the company’s mission and his beliefs in a simple sentence: “There is talent everywhere”. He talked about how to hire tech talents abroad, helping tech recruiters find intelligent, interesting, and competent people in many different parts of the globe.

Working remotely or relocating for work, having team members from different parts of the world, and navigating various tools and languages when communicating at work was not as common as today – when VanHack was founded six years ago. However, this interconnected work environment became even more necessary for both people and industry because of the pandemic. With restrictions waning down more than ever, it is time to open the doors for a global, connected, and broader vision of what the workforce can be.

The advantages of hiring abroad

Finding the right person for a job opening has nowadays become a math problem. Companies simply won’t attract enough available people if the radar is set too narrowly.

“There are five jobs for every developer in Germany”, Brotzky said.

Talking from the experience of having lived and worked abroad for many years and having accumulated some mileage running VanHack, Brotzky listed some of the benefits tech companies may reap from hiring international talents. The most obvious one is: they should. There are skilled professionals everywhere and not as many as needed in some countries. Many nations in South America and Africa, for example, are traditionally overlooked but have become hotbeds for tech talents.

Another reason international companies may generate a lot of interest in their jobs is that some highly educated professionals are not being well-compensated in their home countries. Currency devaluation is also leading people to search for international jobs. Suppose a company pays their employees in Euros or Canadian or US dollars. In that case, that will most certainly catch the eye of Brazilian developers, for example, since Brazil’s currency is currently trading around 5 to 1 US dollar.

Talking about the tech scene in the Philippines, VanHack’s CEO cited another advantage to hiring abroad: the time zone. A company in Canada with part of its team working from the Philippines will face some challenges getting everyone in the same meeting. On the other hand, this same company could have developers focusing on a product 24 hours a day if need be.

How to Hire Tech Talents Abroad

As beneficial as it is, hiring abroad is not a quick process, and nor should it be. “It’s a long game”, says Brotzky. He says that to attract talents and understand what different countries have to offer, international companies must build trust and engage communities. Learning, participating in online events, and just talking to people are some of the first steps.

Where to hire from

Here are some countries with a large market of developers and other tech talents looking for international employment are:
South Africa

Where is your next hire?

Technology has opened the door to so many transformations that our lives and work look entirely different than they did 10 or even 5 years ago. In this fast-moving innovating market tech companies cannot afford to miss out on talents and opportunities hiding in plain sight just around the corner. As Brotzky said, “code has no accent.”

Watch Ilya Brotzkly’s talk and learn more about hiring abroad, especially in Brazil, Nigeria, and the Philippines:

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