Based in Newfoundland, Canada, HeyOrca started out in 2015. As with all good inception stories, the company came into being when the founders were struggling to solve a problem for themselves. 

Joe Teo and Sahand Seifi met in University where they started a small agency helping manage social media campaigns for multiple clients. When they started out, the process was almost entirely manual – run with spreadsheets and screenshots. 

As their company grew, they realized that they had to automate this process to support their own growth. The first version of Hey Orca was built as an internal tool, but very quickly they realized that there was nothing quite like this on the market, and their customers started asking to use the platform. One quick pivot later, Hey Orca was born.

VanHack and Hey Orca

Fast forward to 2019. HeyOrca has successfully completed two funding rounds and is looking to grow their engineering team. VanHack comes up in a conversation with a mentor, and Joe Teo, the CEO of HeyOrca, decides to check out how VanHack can help. 

“The transparency in terms of the candidate pipeline, and the quality of candidates in the pipeline was better than the traditional recruiting model. Recruiters usually try to have an imbalance of power – they don’t want to tell you what candidates they have, so there’s a lack of transparency that didn’t really make us feel comfortable. VanHack is a very fresh approach!”

Joe Teo, CEO HeyOrca

After signing up for VanHack, Joe quickly realized that VanHack was unlike any recruiting agency he’d worked with before. VanHack prides itself on being very transparent with companies as well as candidates. Companies get access to the VanHack Applicant Tracking System which has information on all 180,000+ VanHackers. You can search the entire database, and even initiate conversions via the in-built chat feature. 

“It’s not just the ATS system – you have an account manager that helps you as well. It is a very promising platform and we had a very smooth experience. VanHack met all our expectations”

Joe Teo, CEO HeyOrca

Experienced Talent

VanHack gave HeyOrca access to a vast talent pool from all over the world, and very quickly VanHack team sent over dozens of high quality candidates. The entire process from signing up to hiring two senior developers took less than one month. Since both candidates were very experienced, they were quickly able to start contributing with far less time needed for training. This is a big advantage of hiring senior professionals.

Final Words

If you’re a company that is considering VanHack but have concerns about hiring people from outside Canada/the EU, HeyOrca’s experience should reassure you. 

“VanHack has a great product and a great pool of candidates, and companies should be open-minded about hiring people from abroad. This is a new concept, and the amount of transparency is really cool to see. Having an account manager really helps as well, since you know there’s someone working to get you the right kind of candidate.”

Joe Teo, CEO HeyOrca


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