When considering moving to Canada most people think of three cities: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. However, there are many smaller, but quickly growing cities, that have a high demand for tech talent.

Moving to these cities is a great way to save money as cost of life (especially housing) is MUCH less while quality of life for families is often higher than in bigger cities. Also, colleges in these cities are less expensive, making moving to these cities more possible for many. Here’s our list of the Top Canadian Cities with Growing Tech Communities:

Victoria / Nanaimo (Vancouver Island)


Victoria is the Capital of British Colombia and the largest city on Vancouver Island. It’s Technology Hub is called Fort Tectoria, which is a coworking space with many startup companies and events happening.

Also, if you’re looking to grow your company in Victoria, check out Accelerate Tectoria and VIATEC. And if you’re looking for a job in Victoria, the best place is on the Send with us Open Source Job Board. Finally, make sure to join the YYJ Slack group to connect with members of the Victoria Tech Community (even before you arrive!) As for Nanaimo, check out Startup Nanaimo, The Network Hub Nanaimo and The Real Estate Web Masters job page, they’re hiring a lot!

Kamloops and Kelowna (The Okanogan)

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Located in the heart of British Colombia and known of it’s amazing wine and fruit, the Okanogan is a beautiful region with a bustling tech scene. Let’s start with Kamloops Innovation, which is a non-profit that offers coworking, programming and community events. It’s connected dozens of growing tech companies and is the place to start when you’re looking for a tech job in Kamloops.

Also, make sure to read this Report by Venture Kamloops on the city’s tech market. And join the Kamloops Innovation Meetup group to stay connected with the community. Next up is Kelowna, which has the central hub for Okanogan Tech: Accelerate Okanogan. Their Job Board is the most complete job in the region.

You should also check out the Okanogan Innovation Centre which is a 9,728 m2 (104,715 s.f.) facility that will open in late 2016 and will house everything from two-person start-ups to large technology and innovation firms. Publicly-supported space and services will also be available for early-stage companies, non-profits, community groups, and social enterprises.

The goal of the OCI is to help build Canada’s most innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial technology community. Sounds amazing!

Waterloo / Kitchener Corridor


This is the big one! The Waterloo / Kitchener Corridor even has it’s own hashtag and website. It connects 16 universities, 6 million people and over 150 languages spoken. It’s safe to say that it’s the most diverse tech hub in the world! Companies like Google, Twitter and Square all have offices in this region and it’s the most active tech hub in Canada.

To find a job at one of these companies, check out the Communitech Job Board. This is one region that is not to be dismissed when thinking about moving to Canada.

Halifax and The Maritimes


Halifax is the largest city in The Maritimes, a group of provinces along Canada’s East Coast. They’ve got a growing tech scene and you might want to check out. The central hub is called Volta, which is a non-profit coworking and events space that connect the community.

You can see their meetup groups here and calendar of activities here. Another great spot is CEED, which is the Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Development that hosts events in the tech community. Mashup Lab also has a lot of events for startup minded folks. Digital Nova Scotia is another good site for recourses and events.

Get more info about Canadian tech hubs from Startup Canada

And no matter where you’re going in Canada, Startup Canada has a community hub for you to visit. Make sure to check out the Startup Canada communities website to see all of the communities across Canada that you can connect with before arriving. Where in Canada are you thinking about going?

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