The path to an international career can be long. With applying, prep sessions, interviews, and code tests, getting a job abroad takes a lot of work. That’s why we encourage every member of our community to start now. The first step you need to take is completing your VanHack profile on our platform. If you have signed up to check things out, this is the nudge you need to finish your onboarding process and start applying for international jobs right now.

We have helped 1700+ software developers, and other tech talents get hired abroad. Adding all your information to our platform does take some time, but we can assure you that our team is ready to help you land that dream job once you do. If you’re committed to building an outstanding international career, the doors to fantastic opportunities abroad will open. Let’s do this together.

You absolutely don’t have to complete all the onboarding steps at once. It’s actually better if you take the time to focus on each part and do your very best. How about you break down the mission into smaller tasks and tackle them bit by bit? Here’s what you must do before applying for jobs on our platform.

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Fill in the essential info in your VanHack profile

Our services are free for tech talent, and our platform is the simplest and most modern way to apply for jobs in Canada, the US, and Europe. All you have to do to have access to hundreds of opportunities updated every day is to complete your profile.

Make sure to add your experience and primary and secondary skills. The more we know about you, the better we can recommend you to our hiring partners and assist you in finding the best fit. 

How to write a killer International Profile and get noticed by recruiters

Unlocking international opportunities with a VanHack profile

After filling in your information, it’s time to submit the English Verification videos. It was designed to evaluate the candidate’s level of professional English, and it is a mandatory step in our platform. After all, you are starting your journey to an international career, so hiring companies need to know how well you can use English in work situations.

The videos are also a way to make a great first impression. Think of them as a marketing tool for your profile! They are your first contact with international companies.

How does the English Verification work at VanHack?

Check your priorities 

Harvard researcher Grant Donnely concluded that saying “I’m too busy” to friends’ invitations can be perceived as untrue. “The results show that giving an excuse about not having enough time can hurt relationships, whereas giving an excuse about not having enough money can help them,” he wrote. The reason is that most people understand time as something more or less under our control, in opposition to money, for example.

Keep hacking! Strategies to boost motivation during international hiring process

Are you saying “I’m too busy” to yourself? Maybe it’s a matter of adjusting your priorities. You can do it if starting an international career is your number one professional goal. 

If you haven’t completed your profile because you have further questions or want to understand the platform better, don’t hesitate to contact us. Think about what’s holding you back, and let us know how we can help. 

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