Oh April! We could not wait for more time to share the great results from the last month. First and foremost, con-gra-tu-la-tions to all 43 VanHacker tech talents hired abroad last month! You folks rock! It makes us very happy to announce that 16% of April’s new hires were women and that we helped 3 tech talents from Ukraine get jobs abroad last month (since March, we helped 12 Ukrainians get their new job abroad).

We also celebrate the newbies…, more women signing up, many candidates completing their profiles, and so much more. Our mission is to help you achieve your career dreams. We want to help as many tech talents as possible get excellent international jobs. Every little step counts, and we do the victory dance for the big and small achievements.

New tech talents joining in

A total of 16,215 new candidates joined our platform in April. YAY! You are all very welcome, and we are here to assist you in your journey to an international career. Of all the new faces participating in our community, 1,161 are women!

Did you know friends help friends get hired abroad? In April, 706 people came from a referral link, and the best news is that when a referred friend gets hired, we pay CAD 500 to the lucky person who referred the talented dev. Who’s the lucky person in this case? 😁

Candidates old and new were very busy last month since our hiring partners held 1,914 job interviews in April. So keep an eye out for good news in May. 

🎉 16,215 new candidates joined our platform

👩‍💻 1,161 women developers attracted

🤝 706 candidates attracted from Referral Program

🗣 1,914 interviews with hiring partners












VanHackers making progress toward getting hired abroad 

New hires are in the making, with many hardworking VanHackers completing their profile, applying for jobs, and preparing for the hiring process. We are proud of you! 














In April, 1,409 candidates verified their English skills by submitting videos on our platform. As a result, an impressive number of 4,566 unique candidates applied for jobs, 3,157 VanHackers had their profiles reviewed by our team, and 423 candidates had interview practice lessons with our consultants. Also, we had 278 code challenges completed by candidates who wanted to increase their chances. 

📽 1,409 candidates verified in English

✍ 4,566 unique candidates applying for jobs

💻 3,157 candidate profiles sent in April

💬 423 interview practice completed

👨‍💻 278 code challenges finished

Everything You Need to Know About VanHack’s Code Challenges

About our prep sessions – O.M.G., this is something we are thrilled to share: some of the feedback we got from the candidates who had sessions with us! Such a motivation booster to the ‘Avengers’, also known as the Preparation Team:

Advisor’s counseling was extremely useful in my interview. They made me feel more confident and encouraged me to focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses.

I think the takeaway for me from the Interview Practice session is seeing how interested the facilitator was in my preparedness and all the feedback and suggestions for managing my time when interviewing. It goes to show how determined the team is in making sure that candidates do well. My facilitator made sure to touch base with me on all the important questions and areas of interest that potential employers are likely to focus on.

My Interview Advisor was super helpful and understanding. They put up with me despite my nervousness, and made sure to check all questions I had even if they had nothing to do with the interview I was practicing for. The advisor was very sweet and helpful, I’ll definitely recommend it because of them!

Having someone experienced to give me feedback on how to approach certain questions has helped me hugely in preparing for the interviews.


New opportunities for tech talents 

If you need any further proof you are in the right place to get hired abroad, we posted ✨ 277 NEW jobs on our platform✨ only during the month of April! In total, OVER 650 jobs in average available for you to apply.

We are sure one of them is the best fit for you. 🚀

Also, we continuously bring to the tech community unique and rich content to improve their chances of getting noticed. And April was no different: our webinar, A Real-Life Treasure Map to Succeed in an International Interview, attracted 623 participants. 

Treasure Map to Success in An International Job Interview

We win when you win, so let us know what we can do to help you get that dream job abroad!

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