We’re really excited to have you joining us for the upcoming Virtual Hiring Fair. This guide will answer your questions and set you up for success. Please reach out to our team if anything isn’t clear!

Virtual Hiring Fair Event Details

For Event Dates and agenda, please check here.

  • Days will be divided by skills.
  • Platform: Hopin (Video tutorial here)

  • Talent List will be available after the event, not before. The reason is we want companies to attend without bias and an open mind. But all candidates are screened by our recruiters and will have advanced or fluent English and good technical skills.

  • Companies can conduct a 1-minute pitch (optional) or just attend the speed interviewing.

  • We offer 1 week prior to the event a company we offer a dry run where they can test the platform hopin and get familiar with it.

How to Sign up

Event Sign up through VanHack’s Website and the Hopin Link (VH Hiring Partner ticket)

  • Let us know which day/s your team would like to attend
  • Share who will attend with our team or have them sign up on the link above.
  • Do an Onboarding call with our team if you haven’t already
  • Share your Job Descriptions and how many hires you’d like
  • Prepare a quick pitch for 1 min to all the candidates (before the speed networking)
  • We’ll send you a google invite for the day/days you are attending

Event Logistics


Before the Event

30-min dry run to help you learn the platform 1 week before. We’ll send you a calendar invite for that once you sign up.

At the Event

Live Networking:
  • 1:1 Format. The chats are restricted to 5 mins per person to maximize the number of people to meet. If companies connect with a candidate who is not a fit, they can end the conversation early. This gives everyone the opportunity to meet another candidate and the candidate can meet someone else who will be better aligned with their skills.

  • During the conversation, the platform allows sending connect requests

Networking Advice
  • You only match once with the same person during the event.

  • We recommend candidates start introducing themselves and then companies share what they’re looking for.

  • Hit the “connect” button BEFORE it ends so that you share each other’s info (both of you have to do that for this to happen). Later you’ll see matches in your profile dashboard.

  • If you find that the matchup is not a good fit, click on the top right “Leave” button.

1 minute Pitch

Companies have 1-minute to pitch your organization to all the candidates and explain why candidates should join them, what they are looking for etc.

No slides needed, but if the company wants, they can share their screen.

What companies need to do:

  1. Please join the Company Pitches Session

  2. When it’s your turn please click the share screen and video button and VanHack will invite you to go on camera.

After the Event

We will share a list of the candidates that attended and companies can schedule in-depth interviews through the  VanHack platform after the event ends. Our Event Recruiters will be happy to help you to set up everything.


How are candidates selected?

Our Technical Recruiters actively vet candidates before inviting them to the event. All our candidates are looking for a new international opportunity.

Are candidates looking for remote or onsite opportunities?

Both, but most candidates are looking to relocate. VanHack helps with immigration and relocation. However, they are excited to start working remotely while the visa is processed.

How do I sign up for the event?

After you share your interest through the form, VanHack’s team will reach out to you and will share the next steps with you.

Can I bring multiple people?

You should :).  Please sign up individually for each person attending.

Are there costs to attend the event? 

There is no fee to attend. But we charge a fee if (when!) you hire a candidate from the event.

Are we going to be able to review candidate profiles prior to the event?

The list of candidates will be shared after the event. However, our team speaks with every single candidate who is selected.

Can I just attend 1 day, or do I need to attend all days?

You pick what day you would like to attend.

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See 40 new senior developer profiles every 2 weeks and get notified about upcoming hiring events!

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