VanHack’s Upcoming Hiring Fair Connects Tech Companies with Qualified Women in Tech


The hiring landscape in 2022 is competitive, and it’s very much a candidate’s market. Employers are feeling the pressure when it comes to attracting talent, and filling their tech talent pipeline.

To add, there’s the harsh reality of incurred diversity debt, and the growing necessity to build more inclusive teams by building more gender balanced teams, and incorporating DEI into its hiring practices.

Enter VanHack, a global leader in tech recruitment with a proven track record of working with tech employers across North America and Europe.

Since 2015, Vanhack has been the trusted hiring partner for tech companies in emerging markets looking to tap into its 350K+ global tech talent pool to source and hire engineering talent. The tech recruitment company has successfully partnered with and helped over a dozen Portuguese tech firms ranging from startups to unicorns, make global tech hires.

VanHack’s Hiring Fairs are a 3 day recruiting and networking event for employers looking to meet and hire global tech talent.

And of all the hiring events it has hosted, Women in Tech Hiring Fairs by far have garnered the most popularity and community support, and with good reason. Designed to help empower women and match them with top-tier tech companies, the Women in Tech Hiring Fair returns for another year this April 5 -7th 2022.

The last Women in Tech Hiring Fair saw over 440 attendees, 200 female candidates registered from 50 countries, and 1800 speed interviews facilitated.  And it goes beyond just interviews. The results are there to show.

🌟 A total of 42 hires were made from VanHack’s Women in Tech Hiring Fairs in 2021.


Here’s how Tech Startups and Scale-ups can get the most out of VanHack’s Women in Tech Hiring Fair


✔️ Access to Women in Tech from across the Globe

It’s no surprise that the tech industry has a women problem. Scarcity in female tech talent and a shortage of women entering STEM  has often been cited as top reason why employers have experienced difficulty in sourcing and hiring female talent. 

But women in tech aren’t exactly a rarity. There’s an incredible pool of women with coding chops, including the 30K+ women in tech in VanHack’s talent community.

From the employer’s standpoint, it’s often unclear as to where to start their search in finding women tech talent.

VanHack’s Women in Tech Hiring Fairs are almost a one-stop-shop for employers to instantly access and speed interview vetted women tech talent without the headaches around sourcing and scheduling initial interviews.

The 150+ candidates attending are guaranteed to have at least 4+ years of experience in Javascript, Java, Mobile, Python, Ruby on Rails, or Quality Assurance, along with verified English skills.

✔️ Showcase your Company

Each session starts off with a round of company pitches. Employers have the opportunity to provide a quick introduction of their company, product, team, culture, and open roles.

It’s an opportunity to build brand exposure and drum up excitement among the candidates eager to learn more about the company, and its commitment to gender parity and diversity in the workplace.

✔️ Speed-Interview Dozens of Women in Tech

At the Women in Tech Virtual Hiring Fair, companies and hiring managers are able to pitch their company, connect and interview dozens of women in tech in under 2 hours.

Following the company pitches, the live networking session is where the magic truly happens. Employers are able to connect with and virtually speed-interview candidates in a 1:1, for 5 minutes each. 

Hiring managers are able to meet with dozens of female tech talent during the session, with the option for employers to book the next interview from the VanHack platform, in one click following the end of the event.

✔️  Gain Timely Hiring Insights at the Fireside Chat

The Women in Tech Hiring Fair kicks off with a fireside chat, a moderated conversation amongst inspiring business leaders in tech covering a variety of diversity and inclusion, HR, and technology topics. 

It’s an opportunity for attendees (employers and candidates alike) to soak in some industry knowledge and find nuggets of recruitment wisdom.

The upcoming fireside chat will focus on Women in Engineering leadership and topics around female representation in technology and in executive leadership positions.

The session features a strong panel of brilliant women in engineering, Katya Shteyn, Co-founder & CTO at Biorender, Lisa House, Director of Engineering at Skywatch, and Ala Frome, Co-Founder, and CTO at HiMama sharing their personal challenges and stories around the impact of gender diversity at their organization and within their respective engineering teams.


🤔 What else can employers expect Pre and Post Women in Tech Hiring Fair?

✅ Pre-event: Leading up to the event, VanHack’s Talent Management team expertly vets and rounds up the top female tech talent (with varying skill sets and diverse backgrounds) companies can expect to meet at the Women in Tech Hiring Fair. See the Women in Tech Hiring Fair Candidate profiles at our latest blog here.

✅ Post-event: To further support employers, attendee lists and profiles are shared post-event for hiring managers to review internally and connect with candidates they’d like to move forward in the interview process with. VanHack’s Talent Managers will also be in touch to help guide employers through the process, and fill talent pipelines as needed.

🔎 Haven’t found the right candidates from the event? In addition to the attendee lists, employers are also encouraged to browse VanHack’s 350K+ tech talent pool, with 30K+ women in tech to find their match.

Looking to hire Women in Tech and build diverse teams, secure your spot at VanHack’s upcoming Women in Tech Hiring Fair (April 5-7, 2022)  Register Now.

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