We’ve created a guide to help you kick-start your Remote Hiring processes. This is based on 5+ years of operating as a fully-remote company, as well as our experience helping over 800 candidates get jobs in Canada and the EU. 

Most of the candidates were interviewed and hired entirely remotely.

Here’s what we cover

  • VanHack’s Story
  • Advantages of Hiring Remote
  • Characteristics of Successful Remote Workers
  • Perceived Disadvantages
    • Quality
    • Trust
    • Cultural Differences
    • Process
  • How to structure remote contracts
  • How to pay remote employees
  • Actions prior to Start Date
  • Week 1
  • Weeks 2-4
  • Measuring Productivity
  • Software & Tools
  • VanHack’s Process
  • Resources

Here’s a sneak peek

We hope you find this useful. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]