How long does it take to turn a dream into reality? Most of our accomplishments come after years of hard work and dedication. We help tech talents worldwide get hired abroad, and we understand that building an international career doesn’t happen overnight. Are you a junior-level tech professional who wants to live and work abroad? Are you a developer with “no experience” but a vision for the future? We think this is the right time to start planning, studying, and participating in our community. Let’s build this dream together.

We are not just another job agency. We actively connect employers with the best candidates and help talents prepare for the entire hiring process. Resume review, interview prep sessions, English classes, you named it! We have assisted more than 1,500 developers, and other tech specialists get hired and relocate abroad. But the thing is, the whole journey takes time. When companies offer sponsored visas, they have to follow requirements from the government to do that. It means that, among other things, they can only take candidates with 4+ years of experience. If this is not you yet, it will be in some years, so how about starting to prepare now? 


Preparation: The solution for developers with “No Experience”

We want to welcome you into our community and encourage you to start investing in your future with us right away. The path to an international tech job can indeed be long, and we can help you walk the course step-by-step.

Our platform is 100% free for candidates, so you can start by signing up and looking at the opportunities currently available even if you have “no experience”, yet. Nothing like having a goal to work towards, right?

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For an extra dose of inspiration, check out our blog, YouTube Channel, and podcast for success cases. Hired VanHackers from all over the world talk about how they achieved their dream job abroad and discuss overcoming obstacles, juggling career and family, and embracing the adventures of relocating to another country.


Are you willing to invest a bit more? Whenever you are ready, we encourage you to check our premium services. VanHack’s Premium Academy offers personalized profile reviews, interview preparation classes, exclusive content, and much more. 

Why is Premium Academy a Great Option for Tech Talent?

5 steps to prepare for an international career when you are a developer with “no experience”

You can start working on your future international career right now. These are five steps you can take even if you’re are developer with “no experience” or don’t have enough years of experience to apply for opportunities on our platform.

1 – Learn or improve your English (you can do it for free)

English is the language of business all across the globe, so it’s a vital part of any international career. Learning or improving your English skills takes time, so how about starting now? We offer a Free English Course for Tech Talents, with classes that focus on work environment demands. Pro tip: signing up for our free platform is worth it, even for the classes alone.

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2 – Keep profile updated

Creating an impressive professional profile can be like playing with building blocks. Every time you take one step forward career-wise, add the correspondent info on your profile. Every new course taken, project successfully completed or skill acquired deserves its entry. Even if you don’t have 4+ years of experience yet, keep adding those blocks. Going from developer with “no experience” to a tech talent with amazing resume is just a matter of time and hard work.  

3 – Take part in webinars

Webinars and real-life events (remember those?) are great opportunities to meet people, learn new skills, and take part in relevant conversations in the tech industry. Did you know we offer free webinars? Our team and guests discuss everything there is to know about international careers, and you don’t want to miss out.

4 – Network

As you work to build your career abroad, make sure to meet and stay in touch with interesting people that will help you along the way. We believe in communities where we can support each other and celebrate achievements together. Do you want to talk to other tech talents who are also on their way to a borderless career? We have a slack group just for that.

5 – Stay tuned to the trends

And last but not least, while you keep working on your dream, stay tuned to tech trends and opportunities. We don’t need to tell you that things move fast when it comes to technology. Make sure you are up to date with current events, emerging solutions, and companies about to make it big. 

Let’s start building your international career

Are you ready? We sure are! Let us know how we can help you give the first step towards your international career in tech.


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