If you read this post, we can assume you are a talented tech developer with plans for an international career. You are in the right place since VanHack is all about helping people like you get their dreams off the ground. You have skills and ambition, so you are halfway there. Today let’s talk about what else you need to get ready to relocate to Canada and how we can help you make that idea into reality.

According to the Financial Post, tech industry workers are more in demand in Canada than before the pandemic. “There’s never been a better time to move into tech in Canada! With more jobs available now than before COVID-19,” says the newspaper adding that, while the country’s economy certainly took a hit during the global health crisis, the tech market seems to have bounced back more quickly than in other industries.

So this right now looks like the best time to start acting on the dream of starting a life and a career in Canada. How do you start? We have put together a list of four steps you should take to get ready to work in Canada as a tech developer: 

Step 1: Upload your profile within VanHack

Sometimes we may feel overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the big dream ahead of us. So how do we even start? The number 1 first step you should take to finally get things moving forward on your plans to work in Canada is to upload your profile to our platform. We connect tech companies in more than 20 countries with skilled international candidates from all over the globe. With only one profile, you will be able to access several job openings from different companies, and we will assist you in matching your abilities to the best opportunities. Our platform is designed to help you showcase your talents and assure you can keep track of all your applications. All in one place! 

Take the first step and start your Canadian dream now by subscribing to VanHack. You can learn more about writing the best international profile and get noticed by recruiters here!

Step 2: Complete English Verification

English has become the “official” language of business pretty much everywhere on the planet. If you want to take your career abroad, you need to prove competence in the language. While some jobs will require more communication skills than others, it is still important to show recruiters some grasp of the English language. We offer you an English Verification test that you can complete by recording the requested videos on your platform. We also provide unique feedback on the verification with our consultants reviewing every submission and assisting candidates in correcting mistakes, showcasing their talents better, and performing to the best of their abilities to make a great impression on international recruiters.

Learn everything you need to know about our English Verification test here!

Get inspired here by a fantastic candidate that overcame her fear of speaking English on camera and got hired in Canada.

Step 3: Apply for jobs in Canada

Now that your profile is complete, all you need to do is apply for one or more of the many job opportunities we have available on our platform. We have just recently improved the candidate’s access to information so you can keep track of everything that is going on in all the hiring processes. So just apply and keep an eye open for interview invites, feedback from our consultants, and notifications on how your applications move along the pipeline.

Learn more about how our platform helps you manage job applications here

Step 4: Practice your tech interviews with Premium Academy

The Canadian hiring process usually involves two types of job interviews: the behavioural or cultural fit interview and the technical one. We help candidates prepare for both of them with practice sessions where our consultants assist applicants in showcasing their abilities and performing their best.

And learn more about technical job interviews here!

Premium Academy helps you get hired in Canada

Our Premium Academy Community was designed to focus on what VanHackers need to boost their international job-hunting.
We offer you:

  • 40+ LIVE interview prep classes
  • Profile Review
  • Exclusive group of networking & more

If you need an extra dose of inspiration, just read this amazing story!

See you at the next Premium Academy session!

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Source:  Financial Post

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